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  1. As far as another guidance tool goes, the FV3 can blow me. Well, right after the GFS does.
  2. Things are getting a little heated in the disco thread. Not good for snow, when it gets that hot. LolOLOlll! #snowserioussh*t
  3. Model chasing is not for the faint of heart.
  4. Haha, I'm afraid that's the first thing you're going to get.
  5. Evolve is the NWS's plan to ruin the NWS. Basically, they want us out of the grids/science and in with coddling core partners with face-time decision support (ie: hand-holding).
  6. The AFD is kind of a dinosaur product. It was designed well before the internet and public access to coordinate thoughts and forecasts between the media, EMs, and surrounding WFOs. All the coordination is now done through AWIPS collaboration or NWSChat. The average public doesn't even know the AFD exists nor has a need for it. I imagine with "Evolve", the AFD will go away within the next 5-10 years.
  7. Every office in eastern region issue WWYs for black ice. It depends on coverage and impact expected. If impact is localized, an SPS is issued instead.
  8. Lol, deal!! Its been a three-ring circus at the office and it wont get better. The phone traffic alone is dizzying.
  9. Each forecaster has their own take on what's working better, but yeah the EC will be given good weight I imagine.
  10. It will likely be included in the next few fcsts if it looks to trend right. Its not always on to something.
  11. The EC was used and weighted along with some GFS/CMC fields. The NAM profiles were not incorporated as it was deemed too warm at h85 and was an outlier, but will be watched for further trends. In my personal experience the NAM normally does quite well with the warm nose in this area.
  12. Yeah the probabilistic scheme needs some work. Basically it starts with WPC's gaussian which is fitted to our own normalized fcst curve. The outputted range bins are problematic. If any part of a zone is say above 12 inches, it puts that whole area in a 12-18 inch bin.
  13. Aww, I think it looks rather pretty. Unfortunately it's part of WPC's suite of probabilistic forecasting, which only goes out 72 hrs. It's automated and we can't touch it or delete it. I'd say it needs some tweaking.
  14. Whatever happened to that guy? Could always count him to be Mr. Pissy or Mr. Done-wrong-by.
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