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  1. Anyone remember that zwyts guy? He got pissed at the NAM one day and started his own weather board. Remember Ian? He thought just about every model sucked. Who's sucking now? LOlOlOlloollolLOOLLloloLLOLoll!!!!!
  2. I miss Josh and the tropicads. I recall how upset they'd get depending on who started a tropical thread. Good times. : (
  3. Here's for the GSP FA. Other offices should have similar pages. http://w2.weather.gov/climate/local_data.php?wfo=gsp
  4. I miss the DT era.
  5. I recall not taking weather very seriously.
  6. Wow, great pics! Do mind if we share them on our GSP social media pages? We'll give you credit.
  7. He hasn't been confirmed by the Senate yet. If he does get it, I think he'll find running NOAA will be a whole lot different than running a private enterprise. Many facets to deal with and a very strong NWS union.
  8. I'm looking forward to issuing 90-day fcsts.
  9. It's fitting for an administration bent on devaluing science and promoting drama.
  10. I always hated that too. It stems from the ratio of the gas constant of dry air to water vapor, which is 0.622. The logarithmic design of the skew-T allows for the calculation of vapor pressure using the 622 mb level. It works mathematically and if you mess around with the ideal gas law, you can derive it.
  11. When the radar is in high-sensitivity mode (ie: VCP32/VCP31), it rotates slower which allows it's pulses to pick up on smaller scale features like dust and small particulates. The motion of these tiny elements is what base velocity is detecting and measuring wrt to the radar.