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Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

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1 hour ago, griteater said:

So the Euro trended less amplified with the ridge and farther east with the trough...that's a losing combination...and the 18z GFS joined it.  That has to reverse in order for us to have a shot here

Wrap it up! Glad we got our " wintry" event over with!! We had 4 days of below normal days, sandwiched between 90-120 days of toast! This winter will be +10, DJF! Winning!

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23 minutes ago, cbmclean said:

My understanding is that the westward phase is hostile to the formation of high-level blocking so that certainly doesn't help with the NAO/AO.

There have been a number of +QBO winters with -AO/-NAO...2010-2011 for one.  Strongest QBO correlation I've seen for -AO/-NAO is when the QBO is on the front end of the negative cycle in concert with a minimum in the solar cycle....otherwise, the QBO to AO/NAO correlations aren't very strong.

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