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  1. pcbjr

    Check your PM elsewhere ... wink.

  2. https://www.weather.gov/media/jax/briefings/nws-jax-briefing.pdf
  3. Well, the summer Gulf and Atlantic sea breeze frontal collision season seems to be starting in N FLA and finally some rain IMBY ...
  4. Finally, lots of thunder and C to C but nary a drop of rain ... though I drove to the store a half mile away and water was standing everywhere ... almost rained IMBY so from that there's a bit of hope ... but don't want that crapola the 18Z GFS is trying to paint out of the Gulf ...
  5. This is so strange ... 34% chance of rain (after 2:00 AM until 5:00 AM), under a severe thunderstorm watch (until 10:00 PM), nothing on the radar for 125 miles, and the birds, the tree frogs and the crickets are going absolutely choral bonkers ...
  6. The official Hogtown site is down (airport) but unofficially (per AccuWeather) we are at 96º which is 1º shy of the record for the date and it is getting warmer ... we'll see ...
  7. 91º in Hogtown, "feel like" is 96º (at Noon), and no rain in sight ... perfect conditions for N FL wildfires I fear ...
  8. We've been wet down here in Hogtown ... until recently, but when you live on former seabed, the sand drains fast ... my yard is parched already and I'm just waiting for the sea breeze collision season to start ... a good ol' fashioned north central FL rain every couple afternoons (with minimal C to G) will do just fine, thank you ... Hope y'all get some slow, steady and non-windy precip soon ...
  9. Off it's rocker is no less than 110% correct ... No way a named storm forms given dynamics ... IMHO
  10. http://southernwx.com/community/threads/2018-banter-venting-thread.321/page-141#post-101595 Working quite fine for me, thank you ...
  11. 11/5/1 May 1/0/0 June 0/0/0 July 2/1/0 August 4/2/0 September 3/2/1 October 1/0/0 November 0/0/0
  12. it came on here on its own - the dadgum programmable thermostat is set for 78º A/C daytime and holy heckel in Feb it got that warm - inside YIKES
  13. unlike my now deceased springer spaniel that brought me deer every morning - even out of season - he was a beast for a springer
  14. No ; there's magic mojo (or MJO) cookin'; y'all up there will do fine until March. For down here ... well, never mind.
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