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  1. 37º this morning; 70º now - couldn't ask for better unless it was 26º this morning and 31º now and snowing - but what a pipe dream ....
  2. ++++++++++ 5
  3. time to plant okra and remember where we live ...
  4. when i lived there - 70º in July was not uncommon - this is absolutely insane ....
  5. it is 10º warmer in Chicago than down here - something is amiss
  6. ... and 99% of FL - LOL
  7. Can't speak for them, but we did get a 23º one night and had 9 freezes - which is abysmal ....
  8. thanks and you know where the truck is loading ...
  9. need to check in elsewhere - see you around the bend!
  10. anywhere anyone will listen, and take a minute to read between the lines, enjoy the humor and learn the lesson ... i'm there ...