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  1. Who turned the heat off? This spring, dangit! I didn't move to south Georgia to get 30s in April!
  2. Holy crap... just woke up and checked this Looks like my parents missed it (they're a mile east of the FFC radar) but my in-laws are in downtown Fayetteville... and wife's sister lives in Atlanta... And crap, I just remembered my wife's grandfather lives in Newnan now Update:everybody's fine...
  3. If the darned thing didn't go off at 0300 to tell me about the watch (not the warning, the watch that I knew was eventually coming by early the previous morning), or the coastal flood warning that doesn't affect me, etc. I'd be much happier. I still leave it on but I've been sorely tempted to go office space on it after the latest alerts for watches. Would be nice if it were more selective...
  4. Yeah, even down here I don’t think my yard has fully dried up. I’ll take the warmth (seriously, I generally like warm winters—there’s a reason we live here) but please, stop the rain! (That said, a good hard freeze for a day or two would be nice, to kill off all these danged gnats...)
  5. Little tiny storm cell just rolled over our house on the radar and wife says we're getting small hail. Hard to tell from her pictures but it looks about pea-sized or so. Backyard is flooded too. I'm at work so no better details...
  6. If nothing else they could be setting stuff out to help validate their models. It's a good opportunity for that.
  7. One of my coworkers had a tree fall on his truck yesterday, from the TOR warned cell in Effingham Co. GA yesterday. He was outside planting and the storm came up very fast. "It was something I've only seen a few times in my life, mostly in Texas... it was a microburst or something. At least in Texas you can see them coming because there's nothing around, but here it just snuck up on us" was how he described it. We got nothing but a good gust of wind or two and some twigs blown around. It did seem to come almost out of nowhere and sneak up on us, since the clouds were so low before the squall line hit. You almost couldn't see it coming.
  8. Wondering why it doesn't have a tornado warning attached...
  9. So NWS apparently did something in the last week that broke PYKL3 (even enabling HTTPS only gives me the latest frame), and given that the app is apparently no longer supported, I'm looking for a new radar app. I found something called wX and it appears to give good data, albeit with a clunky interface. I'm not averse to paying for a good app but I don't want something that needs a subscription. I'm not chasing or anything but I like having good data.
  10. I'm gonna laugh if it snows down here on the coast again...
  11. 2018 was... eventful. Wife had two brain surgeries and a stroke (from the second one). But she's recovered wonderfully and is seizure-free and driving again! I'll take a boring 2019, please. I could take or leave the cold at this point, I don't much care... but getting tired of all the rain. The ground is perpetually soggy and the range is just a giant mud pit.
  12. I'm trying to figure out the best time to leave for Atlanta; we were planning to leave Savannah early Thursday afternoon to go visit family up there, but I'm not sure if we want to try to be driving right across the track just after the storm passes. I'm thinking the roads might be a mess...
  13. A portable generator will run stuff off of extension cords, unless you've made the appropriate changes to tie it into your house wiring (see below). If properly connected to the house through a transfer switch of some kind, you could theoretically run your central air system if the generator has enough power output. Now, properly and safely connecting your generator to the house requires some kind of power inlet and either a dedicated transfer switch, or an interlock installed in your breaker panel. This will prevent the possibility of your generator trying to back-feed through the mains and injuring electrical workers if you leave a breaker in the wrong position. Unless you're familiar with doing residential wiring you'd best hire that installation out to a licensed electrician. The other big no-no is building a "suicide cord" with male plugs on one end that connect to the generator, and a male plug on the other end that connects to something like a dryer or range plug. Having the exposed prongs on both ends is a big safety issue--for example, making or possessing one at my employer is grounds for termination. In the timeframe we're talking about you'd be better off with extra extension cords and a window unit or two; doubt you'll be able to get an electrician in to do all that on short notice. One of these days I'll get around to putting the transfer switch in for mine, but in the meantime a couple of good long cords will run the fridge and an air conditioner. But anything past Cat 1 we're going to stay with our parents near Atlanta anyway. I couldn't tell you how much gas you'd need. You'll need to look up the fuel consumption for your specific generator, and to be conservative assume full power output. Rectal-extraction figure says a little north of 100 gallons.