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April 2024 Disco- SNE’s favorite month


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2 hours ago, Torch Tiger said:

Looks like most of the week will be 50's and 60's, a few 70's will hopefully pop especially western areas.

Been hearing that since February. Some tarmac in Connecticut hit 70 once.

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Damn I wish I had installed!


310 pm update...


* Cloudy, cool with northerly breezes this weekend, along with
  periodic light showers. Dry for Sun but better chances that clouds
  decrease later in the day.

* Dry Mon and Tue, but with cooler onshore breezes near the eastern
  MA coast Tue.

* Unsettled Wed/Thu as a frontal system approaches, but still
  uncertain in the timing and details.
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enjoy it ... it may be the last time any of us see snow below ... say I dunno 1200 or 1400 feet, until the perfunctory November 4th 3-5" before winter turns into another crapper.  A wind blown scarp of can't seem to snowisms, which will be associated 100% to a climate change that pisses everyone off in this peculiar forum of denial while not denying - very strange.   

Thank you thank you... 

This storm seems to have bottled up the remainder of that -EPO burst cold from two weeks ago when looking at the various ensemble means 850 mb evolution.  We go from this pool of deep-ish anomaly into more of a oscillatory pattern swinging between seasonally cool to seasonally warm air masses. 

Call it seasonal+    

I don't see more significant positive departures though perhaps until 20th.  


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1 hour ago, CoastalWx said:

Finally this hideous winter is behind us and we can look forward to the warm months extended into Mowvember this year. Hopefully a couple of canes too.

mmm I'm on your side with this sentiment, but unfortunately ... it looks like it wants to claim this weekend, too.   Sunday may get better ... at 4pm.   heh..  I dunno. Maybe downslope flow will offset that cold anus whirling around the GOM?

Monday is shockingly looking unobstructed skies ...i.e., clear, and has been that way for a week or more of modeling, in all sources.  A true ironic rarity for the month of Asshole ... perhaps as rare a feet as an Eclipse.  


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