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  1. I remember this storm well. Driving down Park Ave in Cranston to go eat at Chelo's with mom and dad wondering what the hell is going on...don't mean to sound old, but those who are not of that generation can't even fathom the extent to which technology and info have changed the game. While living through it in the time, you really have no idea what's going on other than thinking this shouldn't be happening....no computer, no live tv updates, no spotter reports to tap into and get info...only thing to do was call the weather bureau recorded phone forecast in Warwick at Green Airport, I think that number was 401-738-1211? Was a great positive bust.
  2. Steve, hope your friend is well. We are watching channel 5, Harvey called in. I swear he quoted what you wrote, Steve, verbatim. Even included location and pool house with concrete foundation.
  3. There is a Seasonal Store just about 1 mile south of the stadium, on the north side of Rt. 1, at the junction of Rt. 140 and Rt. 1 - 113 Washington St. in Foxboro. I park there when I want to get out quickly, I can turn on rt 140 and head to Walpole, missing all the Rt. 1 traffic; you could jump on 140 and head south, which would be convenient for you. If you can get a spot there you should be pretty good. If you are not parking at Gilette proper, find a lot south of the stadium, that way you do not have to crossover Rt. 1 traffic when you leave.
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