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  1. That is how I am looking at it, Brett and his crew down in Taunton needed it a bit more than we did up here...at least somebody got something
  2. Thunder is loud from all around us, but nothing here...as many have said, so frustrating, I got nothing to add
  3. I would have to put the GM and coach who has won 6 Super Bowls into the competent category. Even if you think he "sucks and he blows" as GM, to paraphrase the sports radio show I never listen to, 6 wins as head coach should be enough to qualify.
  4. We were down in FL for a week...93/75 every day with a heat index of 102....and when you wake up at 6 in the morning, still the heavy pale of humidity....you sweat just by walking....I am not complaining, that is the expectation in FL....but coming back here yesterday to these temps and lack of humidity, its not even close....this is so much better
  5. My college roommates son is serving his residency at MGH, he is from Tampa and got here about month ago. He texted today and says he loves this weather.... I'd like it about 5 degrees warmer, but I am not unhappy with these temps
  6. McFilthy and McNasty were my favorite Johnny Most nicknames
  7. Kevin McHale isn't walking through the door, unfortunately. He didn't even get kicked out of the game for that, he would be arrested and drawn and quartered on social media endlessly today. Ugh...
  8. Steve may remember Moonstone Beach in South Kingston, RI. It was a nude beach till they closed the nude part of it the the late 80's; may even have become a bird sanctuary? We would take our boat over from Narragansett and beach it right off Moonstone, and then walk the beach with clothes on. Probably did that 2 or 3 times, but even for teens, which we were, it got a bit strange.
  9. Your post was great, Tip......replies are not to your post, but to a prior, classless, morally vacant post.
  10. I really liked Mish, she was great. Lost my brother to suicide 23 years ago, the feeling never leaves. If you are feeling suicidal, please get help. God bless her family, and those who struggle with this awful disease.
  11. Snowing nicely here again, steady light snow...quiet between about 11:30 - 1, otherwise been snowing petty (relatively) good all day
  12. I'm still not buying it. Canton reported 21, I used to live there before Walpole and we were always similar as Canton, Stoughton, and Sharon all border each other. 9 inches higher is so much more. Qunicy at 30, Canton 21, Sharon 30...it doesn't make sense. The band skipped over Canton?
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