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Jan 19th Storm OBS Thread


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9 minutes ago, clskinsfan said:

half inch per hour rates is my def.

Anybody in the central Valley still awake and seeing flakes? It is snowing in Hburg right now. 

Just got home in Waynesboro from work in Charlottesville , nothing falling , granted we are on the southern edge of this expected event....

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Well hello. 

HRRR showed something pretty similar. Has a train of precip across central MD. Baltimore jackpot? It is the euro in the immediate term but def not mad about the euro as depicted.

Would be super interested to see that play out. Gotta think lift and better temps wins out though in this setup.
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5 minutes ago, Maestrobjwa said:

My goodness, lol Think it's right?

I think it has that 3-5" area correct...but nothing will correctly place the little 5" max areas ahead of time within that zone.  That will come down to luck with meso scale features. 

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Euro pretty much nailed the Monday system once we got inside 48 hours. An inch or so low on totals across the board but did very solid with the placement of the heaviest precip. If you take a blend of the Euro, GFS NAM HRRR and RAP, there’s reason to think 3-5 with 6” lollies is also *possible* in the immediate Baltimore suburbs WNW of 95 in a boom scenario

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