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E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2022-2023 OBS Thread

Ralph Wiggum

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12 hours ago, yak said:

Meanwhile on Mt. Washington…

-106F windchill.  I believe this may be a new U.S. windchill record.

-45F with a 93 m.p.h. wind gusting to 102.

I would strongly advise the researchers up there to wear a scarf while taking measurements.

Just spotted this tweet with a video of Mt. Washington this morning -

That's like Rura Penthe!


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A chilly morning with our 3rd single digit low of this mild winter season with a low of 9.8 above zero. Today was the 3rd coldest temperature of the winter season and the coldest temperature since the 2.8 degrees above zero temperature on Christmas Eve morning. We should rebound today into the mid 20's with the warmup fully underway tomorrow. We should see upper 40's for high temps for most of the rest of the week with even low 50's possible by Wednesday though Friday. Our next rain chances look to be by Thursday.
The record high for today is 63 degrees from 1991. The record low is 1 below zero set way back in 1898. The daily precipitation record is the 1.35" that fell in 1920. The daily snow record is the 9.1" that fell as part of a 2 day snowstorm in 1995 that resulted in 10.5" of snow. That one storm accounted for all but 3.0" of snow that would fall that entire winter season. That season was sandwiched between the epic ice and snow winter of 1993-94 when we received 45.7" of snow on top of a lot of ice and the snowy winter of 1995-96 when we received 81.9" of snow. At the time that was the 2nd snowiest winter in Chester County history behind only the 95.0" that fell in the winter of 1898-99 . However we would blow past that mark with the 86.7" of snow that fell in 2009-10 and surpass the 80" inch snow total again in 2013-14 with exactly 80.0" of snow recorded in that winter.
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2 hours ago, Hurricane Agnes said:

And I spoke too soon.  Clouds seemed to have been dispersed out front that faces S and SW but out back facing where the comet would be (N and NE), there  was that high deck, although some of the brighter stars could shine through it as did the moon, but still. :axe:

Nice halo around the snow moon!

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5 hours ago, KamuSnow said:

Nice halo around the snow moon!

When I spotted the moon last night it briefly looked like a chocolate chip cookie with a bite out it thanks to a cloud. :D

Just popped out this morning and it's definitely shining with a hazy halo as it is soon to be setting in the west at post time.

Temp and dewpoint have been slowly rising overnight and it's currently29 with dp 20.

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The big warmup is underway as temps have risen from a midnight low of 21.0 to already above freezing across all of Chester County. The mild and mostly dry weather will continue till our next rain chance on Thursday. A couple models have enough cold air getting involved by overnight Friday into Saturday AM to deliver some snow....but as we have seen this winter - I would not get the snow blowers gassed up just yet!
Of note 9 years ago today (see below) in 2014 we were in the midst of a crippling ice storm sandwiched between 2 snowstorms. We received 10.3" of snow on February 3rd followed by an ice storm that began overnight on the 5th temps fell into the 20's and would remain below freezing for 9 straight days with another snowstorm on the 13th and 14th delivering an additional 20" of snow to Chester County. On the morning of the 15th we had 26" of snow and ice on the ground and finished the month with 39.4" of snow. However, that 39.4" was well below our record snows for the month of February having been exceeded just 4 years earlier with the 62.8" of snow that fell in February 2010 and the all-time greatest monthly snow totals being the 69.8" that fell in February 1899. Of interest there was also snow continuously on the ground during the winter of 2014 for 50 straight days from January 21st through March 11th.May be an image of road, snow, tree and nature
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1 hour ago, ChescoWx said:

It's gonna rain like a hose on a flat rock! He had a million of these!! He was the main reason I got interested in weather as a little kid

They don’t make Philly wx personalities like they used to.

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9 hours ago, Birds~69 said:

Sure don't. The 1970s cold outbreaks meant a 5 day+ stretch w/highs in the teens/low 20s...


2-5-2023 7-30-33 AM.jpg

2014/15 was cold like that 

No mean motor scooters or bad go getters this winter


19 5 0.00 0.0
26 3 0.13 2.4
18 2 0.00 0.0
17 -1 0.00 0.0
25 7 0.08 2.4
31 -2 0.00 0.0
20 4 0.00 0.0
15 -1 0.00 0.0
25 -3 0.40 2.8
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