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November 2022 General Discussion


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19 hours ago, MNstorms said:

I've never seen a cold front this clean.


 Here is a cross section across the Midwest. The cold front is on the left, the warm sector is in the middle, and the warm front is on the right. The black lines represent potential temperatures and you can see a little higher slope of the frontal surfaces with the cold front. Colors are frontogenesis.  You can see the 0 degrees C isotherms (purple dotted lines) near the ground on both sides.


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I'm too lazy to figure it out, but it would be interesting to see how often that moisture from an Atlantic/GOM tropical system makes it into any part of the region in November.  I know it happened in 1985 with Juan, which was at the very end of October and into early November, but it's even later now with Nicole.

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The lake-effect response in Michiana behind the front Saturday night will be interesting to watch. Temps will be too warm to get much appreciable accumulation during the day Saturday, but if there's a single-band set up Saturday night someone could get a decent snowfall in these parts. 

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4 hours ago, A-L-E-K said:

cad in the extended looks p rough, hate 2 see it

Decent confidence that we'll get on the board with the first measurable snow during the upcoming stretch.  Whether there's something more significant for this time of year (say, greater than 1") looks pretty questionable at this point though.

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