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2022-2023 Fall/Winter Mountains Thread


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1 minute ago, Met1985 said:

Realistically I see the cmc working out much more than I do the gfs. I really don't see down East getting that much snow with marginal temps outside the foothills. 

I agree. I think I will be riding the line here with the best accumulations above 3k in Mitchell, Avery, Watauga

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Just now, Tyler Penland said:

Euro looks very elevation dependent on the higher res maps. Showing a lot of mixing on Sunday afternoon. ecmwf_ptype_charlotte_102.jpg

I could easily see an evolution where unless you’re above 3k ft, it’s extremely rate dependent. Which would be fitting, because the joys of an ULL also mean someone doesn’t get under a convective band and has to experience the agony.

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