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Potential 1/28-1/30 2022 winter storm


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5 minutes ago, Beach Snow said:

Seeing this float around on social media and LP placement. Few people saying low is further west than NAM shown and should travel N following the depiction of the isobars. Any truth to this?


Not with the ridge directly north near the Canadian/NY border, it will follow the jet to the NNE until it occludes in New England.

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1 minute ago, StoneColdWeatherAustin said:

Is that temp from a weather station or weather app? I am seeing about 41 in Advance and Clemmons.

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Car thermometer which usually runs a degree warm, but last reading was same as bank thermometer. Last hour, W-S Airport reported 39, so similar  

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15 minutes ago, Beach Snow said:

Correct, i think what they were observing is would it track further north and closer to the coast near NC and VA as opposed to ENE

Looking at the upper levels, I would be surprised if it gets much closer than what it is now.

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