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  1. It's gonna hurt so bad in Durham and Raleigh to watch what will unfold 30 miles west of us, but was not unexpected.
  2. Warm nose will ruin all the fun for RDU.
  3. Ouch.
  4. Hugging some fujiwara action..
  5. Interesting fact from RAH's live tweeting event tonight: average 4 day track error = 150-200 miles
  6. The footage from St. Maarten is shocking. Otherworldly.
  7. Wxsynopsis on FB: ALERT: G-4 recon data has been injected into the 00z model suite, NOAA NHC says track will likely be adjusted at 5am advisory to reflect the data and the WNW track that has commenced
  8. 192mph flight level wind gust in NW eyewall
  9. Not bad
  10. Triad is buried
  11. RAH busting out all the March snow catchphrases: However, model spread remains quite large with the location/track of the sfc low, which will play a pivotal role in just how much liquid- equivalent precip will be realized across central NC. Case in point, the more southern/drier solution of the EC has a tenth to one- quarter of an inch of liquid equivalent across the forecast area, one-third the amount of GFS. Using an ensemble approach, the GEFS indicates a 0.25-0.50" across the area, highest SE. The sfc low track and associated precip should become better resolved by NWP models over the next 18 to 24 hours as the aforementioned northern stream currently moves out of a data sparse region over the Pacific Ocean and onto the Pacific NW coast. Additionally, it is important to point out some key contributing factors that could limit snow chances/amounts across central NC. 1)With the parent high so far removed(centered over south central Canada), models could be too cold, too quick; which will place even more emphasis on getting sufficient qpf amounts to diabatically/wet- bulb cool the low-level to support frozen precip. 2)The system is progressive-quick moving system, which tends to result in lighter qpf amounts. 3) We are getting very late in the season with higher sun angles along with the recent historic warmth resulting in very warm ground temperatures.
  12. NAM looks great for rdu
  13. .25"-.5" of sleet here in SW Wake, most of which fell in the last 2 hours. No snow.
  14. Forecast still calling for a changeover to snow in Wake County with 1-3" by mid afternoon. I don't see it happening based on downstream returns.