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  1. Yet they are still pushing this graphic
  2. RAH AFD has no real changes at all with the forecast
  3. RAH has gone all in. WWA looks like it’s for .1” and the WSW is for .25-.5”. edit: Blacksburg changed the watches to warnings as well with .5-.75” of ice
  4. A Winter Weather Advisory for Rain.
  5. HRRR has .22 of ice in Wake County, .5" for the Triad
  6. GFS Para hates the Triad and wants to see it suffer. 1.65" of zr in Winston-Salem. Also, the Para decided to work finally.
  7. Interesting local forecast on Wunderground for Wake County snow . Really shows the reloading going on next weekend: Thursday Night - 1" Friday 1-3" Friday Night - 1" Saturday - 0" Saturday Night - 0" Sunday - 1-3" Sunday Night - 1" Monday - 0" Monday Night - 1-3" Tuesday - 1-3" Tuesday Night - Flurries Whatever they use to generate their forecast is definitely seeing possibility after possibility in the 10 day.
  8. Lol from hour 60 to 66 on the gfs it dumps over 6" on Wake county.
  9. Lol I’ve seen this before. The GFS, from 4 years ago today for roughly the same time frame as the monster run from this afternoon.