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  1. HWRF, HMON, Euro, NAM all are liking something close to an Oak Island landfall. New GFS keeps it offshore.
  2. We got like .5" of sleet where I am. No snow in it.
  3. If a single flake falls here in SW Wake County it will be the most snow have had all season.
  4. For the Wake County people the Canadian clown is classic...
  5. fv3 to become officially operational on March 20.
  6. The current wind chill difference between RDU and Fargo is over 100 degrees.
  7. We’re all going to die from frostbite looking at the Lunar eclipse Sunday night
  8. The NAM has been showing a weaker and weaker wedge the last few runs.
  9. ^ Those might be the most visually unappealing weather maps I have ever seen
  10. Yeah it had a weird little fart of frozen something Sunday night and then filled in a tiny bit more. Interesting for sure, but not optimistic.
  11. No joke, they brined the roads today in Raleigh.
  12. Try clicking a few miles south and you'll see the rain enter the forecast for southern Wake. The point-and-click is already showing the traditional rain/snow line through Wake.