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  1. So far here in Leland 4.5 miles west of ILM this has been very much boring. We have only received 2.4 inches of rain since 7 am yesterday. No sustained periods of wind. Average wind since midnight has been 18.7 mph. Highest gust 43.8 mph. Pressure is 992.
  2. Is there anything showing a back door wind like we had with Matthew as it passes?
  3. I am not very confident in the models at this point. They didn’t predict the 36 hour stall. And they keep saying it will move but it has not.
  4. Wonder what the next flow of models will show with it being stationary?
  5. Is just the radar or is the storm getting some dry slots in the SW side of it?
  6. Local Meteorologist said the long term models are showing a possible system 12 days out forming off the east coast of GA and taking a possible path similar to Bertha. I can’t find anything like that. Or was he smoking something? Thanks for any insight.
  7. We are very dry here in Wilmington, only at 10.94 inches for the year. We should be at 17 inches by now. We have gotten 1 inch in the last 2 months. Goodbye lawn.
  8. 41.7 and moderate rain. Not very windy here,yet.
  9. Wondering if ILM will get enough rain to break 100 inches of rain for the year. It’s at 95.82 right now.
  10. We are at 60 feet above sea level. Our neighborhood is built on the highest point in our county. Calling it a night. See you all tomorrow.
  11. Leland NC here. 4.5 miles west of Wilmington. I think we are screwed. Riding it out. Half my neighbors are gone the other half are sticking around. But with this latest update I am doubting staying.