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  1. I think part over it is the younger generation who are very very misinformed and gullible. And people teaching our kids who are way in left field. A neighbors kid (Freshman at the local CC.) was told by his professor that yes something like A day after Tomorrow could happen and likely will, and that Al Gores movie had more facts in it than any other source. I showed him otherwise and asked how old his professor was. 28. And what was he teaching? Political Studies. We do not need idiots like him teaching. We need our kids to learn facts. Not some Hollywood BS.
  2. Taking what I was told with a grain of salt but based on the possible summer forecast of cool and wet summer maybe there is something to this... I noticed on the highway the last several days and in town a lot of NCDOT crews cleaning out and redigging a lot of the storm drains. Today they were near where I filled up so I went and asked what was up. The foreman said they were told to clean out all major road way drains and ditchs because they were expecting a very heavy rain fall amount this summer. Who knows but it is kinda odd.
  3. I am wondering if anyone will make a VR weather app with the technology and cell phones are getting more advanced. It would be awesome to have full view and ability to see a storm in 3D and exact direction you look at. I imagine its a few years off but wow it would be a game changer.
  4. Yeah it grows pretty well here. Our whole neighborhood is centipede, Sandy soil, and lots of rain. Only 15 miles from the coast. Went ahead and got a bag of centipede seed and fertilizer this morning.... gonna mow the yard short, rake it, and spread both tomorrow. Then water it each day for a week or so. Should be good for the summer.
  5. The live feed is amazing to watch.
  6. My centipede grass is just starting to green up. And my neighbors weeds are 6 inches tall. I was thinking of using Scotts Bonus S in the next couple of days. Or should I use something different? I used it last year but didn't get it down until late April. My yard looked great all summer... Nice and bright green. Can you mix both Bermuda and Centipede? was thinking of over seeding now. Thanks for any input...
  7. Police Scanner is saying large path of destroyed warehouses, and calling for mass casualty response.
  8. I can live with that. I am hoping for a very wet early spring so things will be nice and green and lush.
  9. Has anyone even thought about what this up coming summer will be like for the SE? Cool and wet, Cool and dry, Hot and dry? Or a mixed bag?
  10. Has there ever been a snow event that ended up coating a very large amount of the south east in considerable amounts of snow? From the coast to the mountains?
  11. 38 degrees, Heavy rain, Temp has been steady for 3 hours here.
  12. Does the high in upper western canada say 1044 or 1049? Thats pretty strong. Will that hold and push colder air south?
  13. This is going to be interesting to watch. I am 5 miles west of ILM. If the new runs trends prove true all of us eastern NC folks are going to be hurting. Thank god I am at 66 feet above sea level.
  14. So basically the NWS is downplaying a possible disaster?
  15. Why is the NWS showing it so far out to see before it gets even close to NC? The 5 pm makes me think I wasted a lot of money on food and getting my generator fixed.