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  1. My first somewhat educated guess is that this winter is gonna be closer to average when it comes to temps. The best realistic case scenario would be a very positive neutral/borderline Nino, a +PDO and some Atlantic blocking. I think the past two winters have shown that while a prolonged cold period is more liked, we can have somewhat significant storms pop up in a otherwise very warm winter. Also, last winter also showed that ten miles can make a huge difference in a winter storm.
  2. I'm gonna have classes on the day of the eclipse, but I'll have a four hour break which will take place while it's going on over here. I don't have any money though so unless I can get some glasses at the library before then I'm gonna have to stay inside during the event.
  3. This summer seems to be the opposite of last summer.
  4. Maybe I'm a big weenie or I'm too naive but I don't think we'll see another wall-to-wall torch.
  5. Same here but El Ninos aren't the requirement for a good winter. 2013-2014 was a great winter and it was a neutral year. Without El Nino or La Nina, events such as PDO, EPO, PNA have greater influence on our conditions, that's what I meant by teleconnectors lol
  6. The CPC just released their ENSO disc. and they're going with a 50-55% chance of an ENSO neutral with a 35-45% of an El Nino for this winter. This looks like the biggest possibility in regards to ENSO this winter is warm-neutral, which is fine given that it allows other teleconnectors to be more dominant in determining our winter conditions.
  7. I think the low solar/-QBO combination should fare well for us on the East Coast, as for the pacific we've had a positive PDO for nearly four years now and hopefully it'll stay, and an at least pos neutral ENSO would be favorable for us as well. Overall I'm more optimistic about the upcoming winter given the conditions.
  8. The only severe I want is heavy rain and hail, I'm scared to death of tornadoes and straight-line winds aren't much better.
  9. That's a good thing in my book
  10. Should I start panicking? Because it seems like the threat affects NC too, hopefully the limiting factors help us.
  11. TIL: You can be banned from a forum without breaking any rules at all
  12. Same here, I'm thinking that food prices are gonna increase by a lot in the summer due to these freezes.
  13. This has overperformer written all over it imo. No crazy high amounts but more than expected.
  14. TWC must share my sentiment about the storm because they upped the potential totals to 1-3" for tonight and less than an inch tomorrow for their local forecast for Charlotte.