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  1. TIL: You can be banned from a forum without breaking any rules at all
  2. Same here, I'm thinking that food prices are gonna increase by a lot in the summer due to these freezes.
  3. This has overperformer written all over it imo. No crazy high amounts but more than expected.
  4. TWC must share my sentiment about the storm because they upped the potential totals to 1-3" for tonight and less than an inch tomorrow for their local forecast for Charlotte.
  5. With the reports of areas in MS/TN receiving heavy snow rates and having multiple inches on the ground I would lean towards the NAM. Thought I still believe many areas in Southern NC will overperform and be on the high end of 1-3" inches.
  6. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this has somewhat of a fair chance for overperformance for NC/SC. Especially SW to SE NC and NW to NE SC.
  7. Dewpoints are in the teens throughout Saturday according to 18z NAM. Single digits in the NW Piedmont/Mtns towards Virginia.
  8. Afternoon highs for most of NC are in the mid-upper 40s for Saturday. So definitely cold it seems.
  9. Number one rule of forecasting winter weather in the south, be conservative.
  10. Eh, like a few of the others I'm happy about our chances for future winter weather before Spring. And I doubt Spring/Summer this year will be as brutally hot and dry as it was last year.
  11. I've spent the entire second half of my holiday break tracking it. I feel your pain.
  12. 31.5 degrees, dewpoint of 28. I'm right under this strange warm nose in Eastern Mecklenburg/Western Cabarrus. I'm not sure if I'm going to switch over at all.
  13. I know GSP says not to be worried about the precip lull but I'm still really concerned, last year's storm was essentially ended prematurely imby due to a dry slot so I'm wary of any and all precip lulls now.
  14. Since I live right in the fork between 85 and 77 in North Charlotte, I should be kind of fine. Only a few hours of mixing it seems.