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  1. This probably won't mean much but with the negative QBO, I think we do have a higher chance to see some blocking but things can always change and there are other indices that can affect the pattern. But I'm still optimistic about this winter compared to the last two.
  2. I've posted this more in detail over at another board but the cold pool south of Greenland that has been around during the past few winters has disappeared. I don't how much this will affect things this year though.
  3. I'm sorry but I started laughing out loud when I read this, I don't think I ever had a meltdown but I was pretty miffed last year when mby was forecasted to get 6-10" of snow only for it to turn into a sleetfest. Also, hi from the Southeastern board
  4. A friend of mines has relatives in PR, I hope and pray for not only them but everyone on the island to make it through this storm.
  5. I don't think it ever landfalls there, it just skirts the east coast of Florida.
  6. Honestly I still think this has a chance at hitting 200mph or even higher.
  7. Holy... Sent from my Z983 using Tapatalk
  8. I expected something like this when the op stayed over Cuba for a really long time. Sent from my Z983 using Tapatalk
  9. Just north of Cuba at hr 120
  10. Okay 915 mb and 155mph winds
  11. I'm gonna full on wishcast and say, OTS and I don't care what intensity it is.
  12. I knew the operational had to be some sort of an outlier because it seemed way too odd of a track. Unfortunately the operational was the best case scenario.
  13. Let's see what the EPS says.
  14. SE Texas apparently has a torcon of 8 for today and tomorrow.
  15. My first somewhat educated guess is that this winter is gonna be closer to average when it comes to temps. The best realistic case scenario would be a very positive neutral/borderline Nino, a +PDO and some Atlantic blocking. I think the past two winters have shown that while a prolonged cold period is more liked, we can have somewhat significant storms pop up in a otherwise very warm winter. Also, last winter also showed that ten miles can make a huge difference in a winter storm.