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OBS-Nowcast isolated 3.5" rainfall and/or SVR from 3PM Thu-8AM Fri 9/23-24/21 NYS/NJ/CT/w LI


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30 minutes ago, jfklganyc said:

Im glad the initial line petered out a bit. Very slow moving. Very ugly if it had more moisture

Almost the last time we had a cold front moves so slow?

That thing covered 100 miles all day long

true-we'd be looking at another 4-5 inch event if this thing had a tropical feed...new nam is very wet again just east of the city

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49 minutes ago, hudsonvalley21 said:

Maybe my Davis is on steroids but 1.88 before midnight and another 0.79 for an event total of 2.67. Interested to see how the totals around stack up. 

That's close to what I got in Cornwall on Hudson.

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55 minutes ago, Brian5671 said:

hoping for another .34 next 6 days to get to 10 inches but pattern looks fairly dry

Agreed.  Am looking at so called outliers starting to signal a pretty sizable event somewhere Va to Coastal New England. Not accepting any verbatim Op runs. Instead watching ens low pressure trends. My thinking this big ridge over the Great Lakes may flop east into NNE allowing closed low formation e of Cape May.  That would give credence to some of the ops showing big rains near the coasts.  6 days away.   This will be sensitive to Sam upper air interactions, I think.  For now I think dry is too optimistic but I could be wrong. 

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