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2021 Drought Thread

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I am now just barely in an abnormally dry area...but we got a general one inch rain overnight and this morning(since 4am) so that has helped and probably has taken us out of any yellow.

Only about .75 of an inch below normal now in the last month for the Cbus area. About 1.5 inches since the 29th in the area. And yes we needed it.

Overall Ohio does not look to be in bad shape at all. And the rains have been pretty plentiful overnight in much of the center of the state.



What is up with that little drought pocket along Lake Michigan on the Illinois/Wisconsin border?

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21 hours ago, Malacka11 said:

Everyone in the D3 should just grab some buckets, hop into their cars, and get some H2O from Lake Michigan. Think, people, think.

I read an article where a guy suggested that to save jobs from the keystone pipeline AND solve the drought in the west, we should build the rainwater pipeline from the Midwest/south to the west. 

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59 minutes ago, OrdIowPitMsp said:

Minnehaha Creek is flowing at 0.29cfs, the mean is 88cfs.

Big wildfire started yesterday up north near Isabella MN. Hearing reports that trees up that way are dropping leaves already. 

That wildfire is going to be a big one, already up to 1,500 acres and nothing but hot, dry and windy conditions for the next 5 days.   Lots of dead and very dry spruce and fir trees in the path of it

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