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  1. The SW needs rain and we need a break in that heat dome that is just a self-feeding cycle of heat/drought/no rain, rinse and repeat. 2021 is looking dry. Would this have to do w/ La Nina being over?
  2. As someone who is immunocompromised and fully vaccinated, I still have to be careful and cautious (and yes, I still mask up, social distance, etc) because the medication I'm on, I had to wait 1 week after each vaccine before I could take my medicine to help control Ank Spon (its in the RA family). And yeah, that was no fun. I don't foresee us achieving 'herd immunity' with MO on the rise w/ covid cases (and the Delta variant was found in wastewater in Branson, MO if I recall correctly) and we'll probably all of us, need a booster shot. Reading interesting stuff how they are mixing vaccines to see which one is best to use a booster. Article on immunocompromised + covid19https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/the-complex-situation-for-immunocompromised-people-and-covid-19-vaccines
  3. Good to know and what you said about the drought makes perfect sense. Thanks for the info!
  4. Good to know and thanks for the info. Is the ENSO being a neutral position playing into the "fun" weather? Or it strictly how the jet streams wobbles so far north and south and the moisture pumped in the from Gulf?
  5. Oh the joys Above link is about MO + Delta variant
  6. Skip hop away from St Louis and blargh out here... Currently 97 degrees (feels like hell at it feels like 102) 68% dew point / 39% humidity Winds 11 mph out of the SSW Under HEAT ADVISORY as the index can get to 106 () AND Under thunderstorm probability for the next 3 hours (clouds are looking "meh" on that topic - but I dried my clothes outside and that generally entices the rain gods!) Rain chances 60% Monday Thunderstorms (OH YES PLEASE!)
  7. Just curious if this drought has to do w/ (possibly) climate change and or the ENSO has moved from what I've read to a neutral (La Nina seems to be over - for now)... Would love some rain here in the MidWest (skip hop away from St Louis)...
  8. Fully vaccinated BUT immunocompromised...so I still wear a mask, social distance, wash hands, etc. - I still get looks, I shrug it off and go about my business. A simple case of the flu (even though I get vaccinated for flu - this being prior to covid-19), it would turn into bronch or pneum -- ugh, no fun for me. So, here's hoping get vaccinated, community spread continues to go down, etc. Another plus with the mask, keeps having to deal w/ allergies at bay. I DO have a question, does anyone plan to use their mask during cold/flu season? (once this pandemic is really really over)
  9. Any rain in sight? I looked at the long range climate prediction center (NOAA) and come 18th, rain probability. I'm wondering if this has to do w/ La Nina (I believed I read that it has faltered off) and that we're in a 'neutral' ENSO.
  10. I'm curious how people feel (if this thread hasn't closed) about the Delta variant being the possible "new" dominant compared to the UK variant.
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