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2021 Drought Thread


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On 6/9/2021 at 5:17 PM, Hoosier said:

Starting to see some brown grass in sun exposed areas.  Pretty minor overall at this point though I imagine it may be more noticeable up in the city/north where the deficits are larger.

In just the few days since I posted this, there is noticeably more yellow/brown now.  We'll see if we can get anything today.

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9 minutes ago, Chicago Storm said:

Beware of the Jan-March total though, as it’s an unmanned station, thus winter/snow liquid was probably underreported.


Good point.  I think that area actually has been drier than areas a little farther south, but maybe not quite as dry as it seems.

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5 minutes ago, Hoosier said:

Even if it did, 9 inches falling in 1 day isn't the most effective way to end this thing.  Need smaller rains falling more frequently.

And that too. The original post was made tongue-in-cheek. For most places, 9 inches falling in one day could turn tragic, no matter the antecedent conditions.

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21 minutes ago, Chicago Storm said:

Yep, out west is golden.

Yes.  Whether it's our regional drought or the one out west, I am talking about somebody's drought by God.  :guitar:

If it's not obvious, I am not sold on the drought being eradicated anytime soon across the region.  It looks like a wetter pattern but it's going to have to be wetter than average for a while.

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