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Post your 2020-2021 Snowfall totals here

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For northern Guilford near the county line, I measured 3.75” of snow over four light events (1.75”, 0.75”, 0.75”, 0.50”) and 0.50” of ice between two events (0.30”, 0.20”).  It’s embarrassing that I’ve resorted to totaling fractions of inches for snow.

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Sw Rutherford County Danieltown Community 

Average winter snowfall (1980-21)  7.5 inches

Total snowfall accumulation 

1.0 inch total winter 19-20

Seen snow one time last winter 1.0 inch on Jan 31st 

4.5 inches total winter 20-21

(2) half inch snows 

(1) 3.5 inch snow 

Seen flurries (4) separate times

Seen sleet (2) separate times

Still (3.0) Inches below average for the second straight winter but still better than last winter even though this winter has been a winter of almost and what ifs. Still hurts to think if that arctric air would have made it to our neck of the woods with all those 3-5 Inch rainstorms one after the other. I know some folks didn't get a flurry, so I'm very thankfully for the snow we received this winter.

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59" so far at 4360' in Wolf Laurel. It snows through mid April here so I could still crack 60".


11/30-12/1: 10.5"

12/5: 1"

12/7: 3"

12/17-18: 3"

12/24-25: 11"

1/5/21: 2"

1/7-1/8: 5.5"

1/11: 2"

1/16: 4"

1/28-29: 3.5"

2/1-2/2: 9.75"

2/6: 3.75"



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