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Feb 22 - Wet Snow Event


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13 minutes ago, BBasile said:

Made the changeover.  Went straight to rain.  0.25" of snow before it did.  33.4F

It appears the changeover line is moving rather quick. Glenn thinks changeover in Philly 12- 12:30pm and calls it a "Springtime snow"...

31F / Mod/heavy snow

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Whoah. Now at 3.5" on the front porch. Must have been snowing at ~2"/hr rates for the past half hour or so! 30.2°F and visibility around 2/10 of a mile if I had to guess. It's been really small flakes most of the morning but now some bigger ones are starting to mix in. Already hearing one snowblower going. :)

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1 minute ago, hazwoper said:

CC radar showing mix line standing still from Wilmington, to Chester to w Philly.  Still progressing a bit further north.

It's been waffling back and forth over me for about the last half hour or so. Currently moderate-heavy snow, temp up to 35F.

Got 1.6" of snow before the sleet, and about .40 of Delco mix since then.

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