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  1. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    Best guesstimate 1.0. No snow here now. Nothing. Spigot off. Was a beaut
  2. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    White drizzle has arrived!! 36.
  3. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    Hmmm, I'm in Mt Holly's rectangle. Nice job guys. At least you had something to track this week. I will be happy sipping a wine later and watching some flakes outside by the dusk to dawn lights before it changes to rain on its way out. Looking forward to maybe something in Mar should the -NAO signal verify.
  4. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    Southern Poconos might be in trouble. I hope down here we stay too warm-I don't do ice! Based on the latest forecast some record highs will be challenged Friday and this warmth will linger for a time Friday night. Now for the more challenging part of the forecast, ice potential. The model guidance overall shows colder low-level air advecting southeastward later Friday night as a strengthening baroclinic zone is on the move. Some guidance is much more robust with this than others, however the initial push of colder air is forecast to be shallow with warmer air aloft taking longer to cool. This sets the stage for freezing rain and/or sleet for portions of eastern PA and northwestern NJ. Of particular concern is the southern Poconos into far northwestern NJ where cold low-level air could result in a decent amount of icing. Portions of the southern Poconos could see ice accumulations of up to one-quarter of an inch. This however could be more sleet if the low-level cold layer ends up being a little deeper. As of now, we are coming up with more freezing rain but did include a mention of sleet. This changeover occurs after midnight Friday night and especially closer to daybreak Saturday. Temperatures should be the warmest in the very early morning hours (or just after midnight in some cases) then temperatures fall as the low-level cold air advection surges southeastward. The southern and eastern extent of this will depend on the speed of the surface low. The overall precipitation should be ending in the morning with the bulk of the comma-head precipitation shifting to our northwest and north. It will be much colder Saturday night, with wind chills down to around -10F in portions of the southern Poconos.
  5. January 8th Light Wintry Mix Event OBS

    Light was a very good forecast. We've slowed to almost nothing now thankfully, should see it pick up again on the back side.
  6. January 8th Light Wintry Mix Event OBS

    29 here. Light IR no SN here, Can only imagine the longer this last the worse things will get. Schools here let out early and kids are home. Met no buses on my way home.
  7. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

    Thanks Ralph and everyone for all your insight! Over performer is right! All winter, and in this pattern. Clouds again, lt. snow........again
  8. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

    Snow has cut off here now-flurries and still getting some frequent gusts some over 30. Wow.
  9. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

    Here's an old window missing 1 storm window. Back in 09/10 the exterior sill froze and broke apart.
  10. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

    Skies have brightened a bit here so yes maybe cutting off soon, still coming down flurry like flakes blowing sideways.
  11. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

    Awesome. No complaints here in mushroom country. Best guess is just had a 35-40mph gust. Rattled.
  12. January 3-4 "Threat"

    Morning. I'm actually under a good little band for a bit now. She's a blowin! Hard to measure. Should this continue for another hour or two may end up over 2 here.
  13. January 3-4 "Threat"

    Well anxious to post my unprofessional obs at my location. Just looking at news and what you all have posted chesco getting brushed-the bomb is way east of me. Virga to start radar might look good then boom-it takes off ne and I'm in the cut off. Been here before . Not complaining, it's cold might get some good gusts in the pm tomorrow. Be safe all! See u in the obs thread.
  14. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    Ah I remember that Jan. well. Of all times to work for an oil company. The truck drivers (the ones that could get around) and the service techs were working 24/7 for weeks! the owner was buying pick up trucks off the dealers lots and putting 100 gal. fuel tanks in the bed to get to the urban folks with long drives and underground huge oil tanks-dropping 80/100 gals. at a time. Service had the sales team and anyone else they could find on the street thawing houses that had frozen pipes from the power outages. The list was long for that. It all ended with massive flooding from ice jams on the Brandywine Creek. Still one of the highest levels ever recorded.