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  1. Paul, Eagles are 5-1 and I'm loving it! Agree with Ben this is the best weather of the year in these parts. Shame we don't have more color this season but looking forward to some Dec. snow and perhaps an abundance in Jan/Feb.
  2. Stayed closer but still at or just a bit warmer than the mean of the ensemble guidance for Tuesday and Wednesday given some uncertainty with Maria. NHC/WPC forecast guidance currently shows Maria remaining to our southeast and staying offshore through the middle of next week. A cold front is likely to help Steer Maria out to sea by the later part of next week. However, trends should be watched because a slower approach of this front could allow Maria to track closer to the coast. From my local AFD. I agree it's a situation to check back over the weekend, but it's not likely there is a scenario that would have Maria come up the east coast heading NNW instead of N and NNE. Fine with me stay out to sea. We've been enjoying a real nice stretch of weather here in SE PA.
  3. Well here in SE PA just had a shower go through which is still part of this storm. Impressive system, it saddens me with all the arguing that occurred. Luckily I joined way back on Eastern so I can recognize the good and informative posters. Thank you!
  4. Some of PR has outages on a good day. Afraid it's a common problem there which is why I think they are saying up to a month. Poor people there.
  5. Respecting the cone. When she gets to 70w is that a good spot and time to be forecasting actual impacts?
  6. Good call, just for the fact you don't want them to be alone thru this however the path goes.
  7. Is sunrise a town or is your grandmother residing in a Sunrise facility? Assisted Living and skilled nursing homes have their own protocol for evac orders.
  8. Odds I may be able to sit on Rehoboth Beach on Sunday?
  9. I suppose you are right too. Currently folks (civilians) are screaming for the National Guard in Port Arthur Tx to evac a nursing home that is flooding pretty bad. They managed to rescue one lady since her daughter gave the administrator permission to release her. If a mandatory evacuation order is issued does that mean the gov't is now responsible for the care of all minor children in homes and hospitals, the elderly in different types of facilities, and so on? I'm not sure how that works for the ones with no means.
  10. If I lived in Houston I would have left on my own and not waited for a government entity to issue a voluntary or mandatory evacuation order. There wasn't enough time for an evac to happen anyway. As far as setting up shelters I've been watching there TV down there and seems to me they were up and running pretty quickly. It's possible there could have been panic and chaos had they opened them before the storm. I don't know this is just my opinion. There have been times I've been prepared to hunker down for a winter storm only to get a few inches, or a sleet fest. Always seems to be a disconnect between weather service and elected officials.
  11. I don't have a degree but common sense tells me I would not base my life on a FEMA flood map or an evacuation order. Time will tell now what casualties will happen. I fear there will be. Thanks everyone, as always great job seeing this Tues.
  12. I missed it. Was stuck in my cube! Tried to run out and do the reverse camera action just as a cloud got in the way. And then the phone was ringing and ringing.....back to my cube! ugh The shadowy sunshine being out earlier on my lunch break was cool though...... Enjoyed plotting a map and seeing/reading where other members in TN Valley and Southern States were watching. Should be some good pics coming. Off to heat advisory now.....I truly hope this is the last one!!! Looks splendid after that.
  13. My joe public opinion: I simply didn't understand watching all of the models on Monday afternoon and while I am mentioning the word sleet to my co workers that know I read these sites, here pops up a blizzard warning for my county. (Chester) at 3pm. The winter storm warning should have stayed and really that's my biggest complaint. The two best models (GFS-Euro) have been wrong more often than right this winter. So did the mets actually not believe the short term ones? Why did they put so much weight of the low's track as these models showed? This is 6-8 hrs. before the storm got here. Yes I do understand 50-75 miles east\west makes a difference, which again, brings me back to why the blizzard warning for Chesco? It was a good they extended them north, but for the dude at WPC to say he didn't want to confuse the public, what a dumb statement, and I'll tell you why: The weather service issues statements for the public to rely, plan, use as their best guide in regards to weather that will be happening. When they post a warning that doesn't EVEN come close to verifying than they ARE confusing the public. OK, joe public rant over. Watch your blizzard warnings next time guys!
  14. Nice post! The shoveling was definitely hard with 4" snow packed with 5 hrs. worth of sleet! 20" would have felt the same. I have ice packed in the front wheel of my car, makes for a shaky ride! Parked it in the sun this morning but no go with melting it.
  15. So while we were out uncasing vehicles I said to my husband, the life threatening part of this storm will be from the folks and truckers NOT CLEANING OFF their roofs and chunks of ice will be flying off and I pray no one gets seriously injured or killed. Be careful out there folks. Heat your cars up a bit, it's easier that way!