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  1. WHAT...Southeast winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts of 50 to 60 mph expected OK I'm getting SEwinds @ 28 and definitely gusting over 40-50mph. Just had 2 gusts where you can hear the windows whistling. At least it's warm should the power go out. Wow
  2. In this current cold windy spring I've seen flurries several times. Today was one, wonder if a few will make it this far down here tomorrow.
  3. We have partical sunshine here. 38degrees WNW @ 22 and gusting around 30. When I was out earlier judging by the branches down and trees swaying we definitely experienced higher gusts earlier. Will I see a flurry Sunday morning? We had brief white rain last Sunday afternoon and it sure looked nice. Gotta take any little bit
  4. Found this and this was called Eastern back then.
  5. Sorry it won't copy/embed? Here's the link to the you tube for your listening pleasure.
  6. Lots of good ones in here. This is one of my all time favorites:
  7. I was thinking I could resurrect an old thread. I'm sure those storms are the reason I signed on here and as I'm typing this this ---we were part of a different forum back then? Or am I getting dementia?
  8. I'll take the fish storm for $100 please, Alex. I would be shocked if that ICON verified, which it will not. GFS will keep trending to the KING, so I'm out.
  9. I’ll take an hour of snow and like it! Could always move to Newfoundland. LOL 21 degrees New Garden Twp.
  10. Oh my the white rain has started to whiten the grass but not the cars! We are at 32 degrees now. Not even bringing up the radar I’m feeling I’m on the back side now by your posts.. Snow is snow! Love it no matter how I get it! Have a nice night y’all!
  11. White rain here in southern Chesco. Down to 33 and no stickage. It’s melted off the rooftops already so lift not as strong. Thanks HRR. Looks like that model nailed it. But, it sure does look nice in the regular lights and the Christmas lights folks still have on. I’ll take it. Happy New Year everyone!
  12. Well if I can't have Dec snow I'll take 40's and sunny!! Cold winter's rain is really depressing. Did you guys catch the vid of the snow squall going over NYC yesterday? It was pretty cool. Last winter I believe was my 1st squall warning.
  13. Sitting at 33 in KSQ. Should be interesting to see what falls as the moisture is approaching. Really not a fan of freezing rain.
  14. I got nothing. Looks like NWS even dropped the advisory we had earlier.
  15. I was in my young 20's in 1983. That was the only blizzard where I experienced the thunder and lighting. In 1996 I watched with neighbors the Eagles lose @ Dallas 30-11 while all heck was breaking loose on the roads. Monday morning Gov. said only heating oil trucks were allowed to be out there. I worked for an oil company at the time. Going into work on Tuesday morning, I was loaded with some sand and a shovel in my car. I traveled the main highway and there were still huge drifts reducing the road to 1 lane, in multiple areas on Rte 202. It was nuts. Thanks for the video. It certainly is a blast from the past!!!! Still my favorite is the 2009-10. I can't recall the dates but we had back to back storms, one of which my location was under one of those death bands (as you call them). I was posting here at the time. It was intense, to say the least.