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  1. All I can say is thank goodness there is now a Fall OBS thread and I can quit this one!!!!
  2. Watching live TV out of Baton Rouge. Numerous tornado warning popping up. If you want to click on this link the shelf/outer band clouds moving in on that part of the state is -Wow Good luck to all in harm's way
  3. Refreshing and no storms last night. Too bad it's only for a day!
  4. I'm hoping she doesn't keep ticking westward -that will be devastating for Houston. And Galveston. It's going to be a bad one for a lot of people not to discount Louisana. At least it is forecast to move and not hang around like Harvey did. Not looking forward to more storms later. At least if winds knock my power out again, it's a cold front from the northwest for a day of dew points in the 50s, won't need the AC
  5. Here it comes. Just hoping God remembers to turn the spigot off this time!
  6. Weather bug app says 90, feels like 104 Dew pt 78.RH 67%. Soup What's the forecast? At 6:30am this morning I went out and found a PVC pipe to put on the bottom of a downspout to shot this water away from the house! I did get some water in my basement.
  7. We saw the rainbow too. Thought everything was over but @ 8:45 pm no lights. Ugh. I’m taking a nap. If still out when I wake up I’ll hook it all back up!!!
  8. That’s unbelievable. I saw on national weather site a 5.94 in Avondale from Tues. 41 northbound side near Avondale is moving really slow.
  9. And it’s still raining. Sorry bout your yard Kamu. Just keep that drive way clear for the snow pile! Lol
  10. I was out in it trying to get home. Nuts is a perfect description. Once in my lane I sat in the car another 5 minutes. Power went out for a minute. Safe and good with power at the moment. Had a little post traumatic stress as the rain was relentless just like that time years ago my area had a devastating training rain. That’s what this boomer felt like.
  11. Stop with the rain! Filled and started portable generator/for the 50th time/now I have to push water off the canopy I half butt put up! Office is open today, after It runs out of gas I’m leaving!! PECO estimate for me is today by 11pm.
  12. There’s an alarm on the pump not going off. So strange. I recently lost my husband so this is all new to me although he tried to teach me. My son is just like him though and I’m a tenant. I will jump up and down til resolved. I’m really good at that!
  13. Yes we have basement. One drain pipe going out. I silicones the heck out of that thing. Didn’t fix.
  14. Public but my duplex and one other goes into a septic tank first before getting pumped up to the street. There’s no obvious leak inside -it’s something else and it’s been intermittent since April. Had our drain pipe snaked-tanks are ok-I don’t know. Seems to be bad when it rains or the power is out. Without ac and fans it was bad today. Just spoke to my neighbor and they have noticed before too but not today. Has to be a pipe in the ground? Rain water pushing it ?