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  1. When I was out earlier, I thought the same thing. Feels more like an Nor'easter. Good luck to our Canadian posters.
  2. Amazing storm. I am almost 400 mi from Cape Hatteras and we had/still have the clouds and a few sprinkles here. Still going and to think the first advisory was posted on Aug. 24th.
  3. Gov. just said during presser that a few hundred are trapped on Ocracoke. (Sorry for the non weather post)
  4. Don't think I'll make 90 today either. Current temp is 87. DP 73.
  5. Part of an elected officials job is to ensure public safety. When a public area is under an evacuation order (which is temporary) they can cite you. How you conjure that into a violation of right to public assembly is well...……………...dumb. It's a weak argument. But I get it, let us know how you make out with that next time.
  6. Your run of the mill chasers doing it for the thrill of it-yes. Chasers that are going in for research purposes to further the science of meteorology, no. How to tell the difference? Have the local authorities permit of deny access to their locale. Ex: like a passport or needing a permit. It can be accepted or rejected based on credentials and abilities. I don't see where that infringes on your constitutional rights. When an area is placed under an evacuation order, it's just that temporary. tramadoc-----Thank you for your service!
  7. 88/DP 78/RH 73%. Yuck. At least we have a pattern change to look forward to next week. Stay cool everyone. I truly feel for those that have to work out there.
  8. Partly Cloudy 82°F 28°C Humidity 88% Wind Speed S 6 mph Barometer 29.89 in (1012.2 mb) Dewpoint 78°F (26°C) Visibility 10.00 mi Heat Index 91°F (33°C) 18 Jul 9:51 am EDT Gross out there. Betting RH will go over 90% later
  9. Storm fizzled here. It was intense coming in though. Thank you so much for your radar shoots. Line will hopefully not hit you too hard.
  10. Huge downfall of living in an older unit is having to turn off my 220v -18000btu window unit as we only have 60 amp service here. Trying not to blow that when we’re getting intermittent surges. I turned it off. Yikes!
  11. Can someone turn that dew point down please? My current heat index is 103 and this is just day 1.
  12. We had marble sized falling for about 2 minutes. Pretty cool. Just like earlier this afternoon blew right on by fast. It’s gone.
  13. Thank you H Agnes. I'm now trained on where to find it.