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  1. Great shot! We're all done down here. Just some mounds and very very little still in shaded areas.
  2. 30 in KSQ. An inch on the car, roads are white. It is snow w/sleet mixed in, ie wet! But nice, none the less.
  3. My late husband and I hosted 1pm Eagles games since the 80’s. So glad I was able to be at a parade during my lifetime. Hockey would be my 2nd favorite with playoff hockey being an absolute thriller! Down 0-3 w/Boston came back won the conference only to lose to the Hawks in the cup series. Also was in Pittsburgh one year during a playoff series with them. Always fun to were the Philly gear at an away game. I love our ballpark. I enjoy being there rather than watching in TV. The pandemic has greatly affected my sports following. Hoping that changes soon.
  4. Went from freezing drizzle while clearing the car, to sleet driving to work, to now snow in KSQ @ 28.
  5. Will wait to see the final tally, but just eyeballing and shoveling that thump, even though not in the heaviest band, dropped some snow. Think we're right about 5". Damp and very light drizzle. Heat pumps are going through defrost cycles like crazy-lol 25 degrees
  6. OT: Sorry, but Wentz to Colts w/2nd and 3rd. Just came across.
  7. All sleet here now. It is hard to keep up with the changes. This might be it for me. Hardly any flakes
  8. Down to 25. More snow than sleet, definitely mixed, coming down! You guys called this one band that has arrived from BWI
  9. Welcome, neighbor. I was ugh-ing earlier but at least we're in it. It's wonderful out!
  10. Had about an hour of sleet but it's back to snow and doing well.
  11. Snow has lightened up here and starting to hear pings. Ugh. 0.5”
  12. Virga here. 27. Not shocked changeover gonna happen sooner.
  13. Will the watch change this afternoon to a warning? Already issued down south
  14. There was a winter back in the 70’s where the borough just put up barricades on 1 street 2 blocks over. Best sledding ever! We also had the flexible flyers. Good times!
  15. Took the country road home. Lots of puddles and creek beds were high. Got home and only one shovel pile next to the walk left. Deck all melted.