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General Severe Weather

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Sounds like there are going to be 2 confirmed tornados. One in Wendell and one in zebulon. Video of the tornado in Tyrell county is awaiting confirmation and a potential tornado in greene county northwest of snow hill. 

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.EF-2 Tornado confirmed near Knightdale to Bailey North Carolina...

Start Location...4 miles NE of Knightdale 
End Location...4 miles NNW of Bailey 
Date...May 13, 2019
Estimated Time...10:13 AM EDT - 10:39 AM EDT
Maximum EF- Scale Rating...EF-2 
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...115 mph 
Maximum Path Width...385 yards 
Path Length...17.40 miles 
Beginning Lat/Lon...35.8275/-78.4399 
Ending Lat/Lon...35.8288/-78.1371
* Fatalities...0
* Injuries...0

The tornado initially touched down just west of Rolesville Road 
near Tink's Place in eastern Wake County. The tornado initially 
produced widespread EF-1 damage with sporadic EF-2 damage noted on
Weathers Road. Along the path to Weathers Road, numerous trees 
were either uprooted or snapped and mangled together, consistent 
with EF-1 damage. 

At Weathers Road, structural damage was noted as a single family 
home had its exterior walls collapsed. Several metal farm 
buildings were also completely destroyed and strewn about a field.
Sheet metal was wrapped around a nearby tree. An RV was flipped 
over numerous times landing crushed in an open field. In 
addition, another home had the windows blown out with roof damage.
It was in this area that EF-2 damage was determined.

The tornado continued tracking east and crossed Edgemont Road just 
north of HWY 264/64, then crossing HWY 264/64 where numerous trees 
were downed and snapped. Generally EF-1 damage was noted here. 

The tornado then moved east into Zebulon along and near Highway 
97 (West Gannon Avenue) where numerous trees snapped and uprooted.
It continued east of Zebulon, crossing HWY 264/64 again, and going
just north of the Five County Stadium. Generally EF-0 and EF-1 
damage was noted here.

The tornado then crossed into Nash County, where damage was 
observed on Brantley Road. Most of the damage consisted of trees 
being snapped and uprooted, with structural damage to an open-air 
farm outhouse. Just east on Massey Road, one newly constructed 
home suffered roof damage, with roof trusses severely damaged. 
Shingles had not been completed on the home yet, therefore this 
damage was considered EF-1 level. Also on Massey Road, a modular 
home suffered roof and wall damage, while two farm outhouses were 
severely damaged. The tornado then tracked east along Nade Road 
causing more uprooted and snapped trees. A home along Nade Road 
also lost its chimney with a cinderblock outhouse suffering 
complete roof failure.

Finally, the tornado began to weaken as it crossed the woods east
of Hoyt Road, and it eventually lifted just east of Winters Road.

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So does that mean they determined it was just one tornado instead of two. I heard Wendell and zebulon?

Also confirmed one for Stanley county from the may 11th storms.

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I am a little late in posting these but I chased the second supercell on the 13th behind the one that produced the Zebulon Tornado and encountered the edge of the hail core after taking the pics. The pics following the storm photos are of Zebulon tornado damage in the vicinity of where the NWS classified it as EF-2. Some cleanup was ongoing as the damage photos are from 2 days after the storm. These images are at facebook resolution.


















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My car and home roof was destroyed in the Willow Spring hail storm back on September 1, 2017.  So when that hail storm started coming this way, I was having flashbacks.  Fortunately, my area only got pea sized/marble sized this time.  But I saw the worst went toward the Garner/Cleveland area.  

That size hail for this general area twice in less than two years is pretty remarkable.  

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Not in our area, but this is pretty crazy for the TX/OK area later today...

 Effective SRH 300-500 J/kg should develop --
   locally higher, especially near the warm front.  Some areas will
   experience a rare combination of 3000+ MLCAPE and 400+ J/kg
   effective SRH.  The parameter space over much of the region today
   will support a threat of violent tornadoes, and the likelihood of
   multiple significant (EF2+ events).


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On 5/13/2019 at 3:36 PM, Solak said:

Our niece's van got hammered...somewhere in the Cleveland/Clayton area, I think.



Got a guy from garner on another forum claiming he had a cantaloupe sized hailstone from this storm. Not sure they understand that's really really a big stretch. 

Might as well have said he saw unicorns!

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1 hour ago, shaggy said:

Got a guy from garner on another forum claiming he had a cantaloupe sized hailstone from this storm. Not sure they understand that's really really a big stretch. 

Might as well have said he saw unicorns!

Not necessarily.


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18 minutes ago, eyewall said:

I have the camera and drone ready for today's threat.

I'm so pissed today. Typically I'd love a severe threat. Today's doesnt jive with my concert going plans for tonight in Raleigh. It's not like this is a quick drive for me so do I drive the 1.5 hours and hope for the best or drive there and sit in my car because of lightning?

I could see them possibly bumping this up to enhanced on the next advisory as well.

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Looks like a severe thunderstorm watch will be coming soon. Guess we'll have to see if we actually get anything severe with a watch this time, or if the streak of having more severe weather around here without a watch continues.


MD 909 graphic

Mesoscale Discussion 0909
   NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
   1107 AM CDT Fri May 31 2019

   Areas affected...western portions of VA/NC and the VA/NC Piedmont

   Concerning...Severe potential...Severe Thunderstorm Watch likely 

   Valid 311607Z - 311800Z

   Probability of Watch Issuance...80 percent

   SUMMARY...Isolated to widely scattered thunderstorm development is
   forecast over the next 1-2 hours (12pm-2pm EDT) near the higher
   terrain over western NC and western/southwestern VA.  Isolated
   storms may also develop over the Piedmont by 2pm EDT.

   DISCUSSION...Late morning water vapor imagery loop shows a mid-level
   shortwave trough over KY/TN and this feature is forecast to reach
   the southern Appalachians by mid afternoon.  Visible satellite
   imagery shows a swelling cumulus field over the southern
   Appalachians immediately east of the eastward-migrating disturbance.
   Surface observations indicate temperatures have warmed to near 80
   degrees F near the mountains and into the middle 80s over the NC
   Piedmont.  Low-level moisture increases from west to east across NC
   with surface dewpoints near 60 degrees F in the west, low-middle 60s
   over the Piedmont, and upper 60s to near 70 in the coastal plain.

   Reflective of the low-level moisture field, buoyancy is forecast to
   be highest near and east of I-95 with 2000-2500 J/kg MLCAPE expected
   by late afternoon with steep 0-3km lapse rates.  Strong heating will
   contribute to 1500-2000 J/kg MLCAPE farther west near the I-77
   corridor by early afternoon.  A belt of 30-35kt westerly 500mb flow
   will act to organize updrafts this afternoon beneath 60-80kt
   upper-level westerly flow.  Despite weak low-level flow, elongated
   hodographs will favor the potential for splitting supercells and
   severe multicells capable of large hail and severe gusts (60mph). 
   The propensity for wind damage will likely increase coincident with
   richer low-level moisture as storms move/grow upscale from
   west-central into east-central portions of NC later this afternoon
   into the early evening.

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I was hoping these storms would set up just east of the Triad as often happens.  Not today.  Some good looking cells kicking off just east of the mountains and I have a warning here in Stuart already today.  Could be a hail damage kinda day!

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