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Sunday SWFE..Monday Coastal?


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5 minutes ago, Ginx snewx said:

Nice , really think you and Ray are in a great spot, hate to analog top storms of all time but the Euro dumps on you guys

Its so nice to have a small event tonite then something else to look forward to,

I couldnt really get out and enjoy yesterday that much. LWM verifiied blizzard for 2hr 40 min and after that it really wasnt any better to be out. Was amazing when band was overhead.

Just gotta watch how this evolves next 24-36 hrs 

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7 minutes ago, Ginx snewx said:

You are pretty far West 

That is exactly my concern. I can see this becoming a 3 inch fringe job and another nickel & dime event if everything doesn't align perfectly. I would be thrilled with the 7.9 shown on that map above. At this stage that might shut the city down for a week ;).

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The DE folk are making up for lost ground, They are going to stack it these next few days

   1 SE COOPER           24.0   500 AM  2/10  COCORAHS
   PERRY                 20.0  1010 PM  2/09  SOCIAL MEDIA
   ROBBINSTON            19.6   711 AM  2/10  COOP/RIVER
   1 SW CHARLOTTE        19.0   930 PM  2/09  TRAINED SPOTTER
   1 NNW EASTPORT        18.0   543 AM  2/10  TRAINED SPOTTER
   1 S BARING            17.0  1000 PM  2/09  TRAINED SPOTTER
   CALAIS                16.0  1025 PM  2/09  SOCIAL MEDIA
   4 E EAST MACHIAS      14.3   713 AM  2/10  TRAINED SPOTTER
   2 SE PRINCETON        12.5   905 PM  2/09  TRAINED SPOTTER
   WOODLAND - COOP       12.0   700 AM  2/10  CO-OP OBSERVER
   1 SW JONESBORO        12.0   720 PM  2/09  TRAINED SPOTTER
   6 WNW COLUMBIA        12.0  1025 PM  2/09  SOCIAL MEDIA
   ADDISON               10.0   700 PM  2/09  SOCIAL MEDIA
   EASTPORT               8.5   715 PM  2/09  TRAINED SPOTTER
   BROOKTON               6.0   136 PM  2/09  PUBLIC
   FOREST CITY            5.0   200 PM  2/09  PUBLIC
   DANFORTH               3.0   136 PM  2/09  PUBLIC
   1 W ROQUE BLUFFS       2.0   320 PM  2/09  TRAINED SPOTTER
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