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February Obs/Disco Thread

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OK, number crunching time for the end of month stuff

Average high was 55.4 degrees, three new record high temps recorded for month, 70.3 degrees on 8th, 72.5 degrees on 13th which was also high for month and 67.6 degrees on 21st. This is a +8.7 above average of 46.7 degrees, and sets a new record beating 1990's mark of 55.1 degrees. Average low was 29.7 degrees, a +6.2 above average for the month, lowest temp for month was 14.9 degrees on 4th. Average temp for month of 42.6 degrees was a +7.5 above average and just missed beating the record of 42.8 degrees set in 1990. 0.67 inches of rain for the month, again just missing a record set in 2002 of 0.69 inches and 1.92 inches below the normal of 2.59 inches. Largest rainfall was 0.32 inches on 9th, I had 5 days of measurable rainfall and 7 days of T's. Snowfall for the month was a T, which happened on 4 separate days. This ties the record, again set in 1990 of a T of snowfall, average for the month is 4.4 inches, which is my current total for the entire year. 

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I got two daffodils in my front yard and I hate them.

I look forward to March SNOW!


I went to the local store, bought five huge bags of ice cubes. I waited til 3am last night then went out and covered the daffodils with ice. I hate Spring

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Highest Temperature: February 24 with a high 76.3

Lowest Temperature: February 4th and February 10th with a low of 22

Average High Temperature: 56.5

Average Low Temperature: 34.14

Total Rain: 1.26

Snow: 0


The temperature reached 70+ degrees 7 days and 75+ degrees 3 days.  

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