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  1. 93° so far at CHO. YUCK! It's also interesting to note that CHO's hottest temperature in 2015 was 93°. How I long for a summer like that again!
  2. The next few days are going to suck. I'm not ready to go back to full heat and humidity after being in the 50s just 3 days ago. This temperature whiplash is getting old. :/
  3. South Carolina, but who's keeping track. Either way... LMAO!!!!
  4. What's this rain you guys speak of?
  5. Good thing that wasn't 60 miles north or I would have been scrambling back from my dinner break. Even then, it looks like a beast of a cell for a while; hell, it was arguably the best looking storm in the country for a few scans.
  6. The weather the past few days has been awesome. Wish it would stick around for a long while longer...
  7. Daily rainfall records were broken at CHO (records since Nov. 1998) and McCormick (records date back to 1890s) last night/this morning. Of course, McCormick's data goes from 8A to 8A and captured all of the event with 3.08" of rain. The old record was 1.61". LMAO! CHO broke the old record from last year of 0.56" by picking up 1.79". We picked up 1.44" last night, beating the old May 4th record of 0.52" set in 2011. This is also the most rain we've seen with a rain event since the last few weeks of September 2015.
  8. Yeah, showers getting going near Scottsville are moving in to 1500 J/kg CAPE and along the western side of the Bulk Shear axis. Could explode in to that nice cluster you mention north of I-64 and really get going in Orange/Spotsylvania Counties within next 1-1.5 hours.
  9. Yeah, 73/66, or thereabouts, from many of the reporting stations around here. Also, here's what I mean by clouds having a tough time going vertical... They have the nice cauliflower look on tops but are just struggling to grow. That's why I think we need to get close to 80°, so the low level lapse rates can steepen and help things get going through that dry layer. Dew point should also get a bit higher as the sun evaporates the standing water. Models don't have things going until 4-5 PM, so, like you said, time will tell.
  10. Over 3" of rain reported at many sites up and down the BR from last night. Impressive. Oh, and we're pretty much full sunshine with cumulus popping up all over the place. They are having a tough time going vertical, which is likely due to that very dry air in the mid-levels. Will be interesting to see if we can get near 80° to realize any severe threat locally. (Central VA, not northern. )
  11. Yeah, my concern for flooding along the BR has increased tremendously. Granted, we haven't see the rains locally like they have in SW Virginia, but, if hi-res models are correct, 3-4"+ in a few hours will cause flash floods. Could be a long night for me/early morning for the chief tomorrow.
  12. LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Winner! Game over, folks. George won today.
  13. Psh! I've already seen hail twice this year and JUST missed out on another hail core. All while being in Charlottesville and not chasing. YOU might fail at severe this year, but we haven't.
  14. Oh, I know. Even then, those have serious issues, imo. Thermals are better, without a doubt, but there are still a few levels where it goes nearly isothermal. Seeing that is a no-go for me. Then that mid-level dry air that continues in to upper levels. YIKES. Definitely going to be a super small, thread the needle kind of event if you want a decent storm, as Joe said last page.
  15. And the fact it's saturated through column, s****y lapse rates, no SBCape or DCAPE, minimal MLCAPE, among other things.