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  1. What a perfect day! And tomorrow is going to be just as nice. It's nice having the windows open at night!
  2. If we had this every few weeks the rest of summer... I would not complain one bit. Here's hoping we get another few days like this in July to break up the raging h*** that is summer around here.
  3. That low LCL will help try to get a spinny down to the surface. It's what I would look for during high shear/low cape events in the southeast. Basically, the lower the cloud base is to the ground, the "easier" it is for a quick spin-up to happen. I went to a workshop at BMX several years ago and that's what they look for too. So... Yeah. Could be one or two spinnies around the region tomorrow afternoon (for us near the BR *IF* anything fires off the mountains) or as main line pushes through.
  4. At least I was able to catch this bad boy on one of our skycams this afternoon!
  5. Tornado confirmed from Clarke County yesterday's storm.
  6. US 33 cuts through Harrisonburg SE over Skyline Drive through Greene County and in to SW Orange County before dipping in to Louisa County, which is out of their CWA. Y'all can't forget about us "southerners". As far as the threat, HRRR is locked in for a storm to develop right over me (Charlottesville) before racing down 64 towards Richmond. We're right on the edge of some clouds right now, which will create a nice differential heating boundary over next couple hours. Temps look to be in upper 70s/lower 80s here, but mid 80s SE of us. Those that do make it in to mid 80s range stand best shot at storms as I expect them to develop along BR and Race ESE with significant wind and some sizeable hail.
  7. Lots of 40-50 mph gusts reported on buoys in the Potomac.
  8. To be fair, the NAM Nest and NAM do have the storms getting going near I-64 (or near me) and staying south of DC/BWI. So.... EJ wouldn't like that.
  9. Nice 500 mb disturbance rolling through our backyards on the EURO Saturday afternoon leads to a precip bulls-eye over you guys. Dunno about severe, but temperatures near 80 could help get things going. PS: FWIW, the RPM is swinging a healthy line of storms through WV in to VA Saturday afternoon. I've been more concerned about Saturday than Sunday, tbh, as any storms Saturday will hinder Sunday's threat, imo. Areas south of the storms Saturday will be the ones to see storms Sunday.
  10. Tonight's tornado near Dayton, OH gives me a bit more concern for tomorrow's threat. That tornado got going in a "meh" environment: ~500 CAPE, Bulk Shear less than 100, Helicity around 150, and LCLs between 500-750m. That low is going to be close enough to spring something on us tomorrow. So, again, don't sleep on tomorrow's threat. It may not have the "WOW" or "OMG" numbers, but it's something to keep an eye on.
  11. If only we had a bit more shear tomorrow...
  12. 93° so far at CHO. YUCK! It's also interesting to note that CHO's hottest temperature in 2015 was 93°. How I long for a summer like that again!
  13. The next few days are going to suck. I'm not ready to go back to full heat and humidity after being in the 50s just 3 days ago. This temperature whiplash is getting old. :/
  14. South Carolina, but who's keeping track. Either way... LMAO!!!!
  15. What's this rain you guys speak of?