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  1. One thing that will be interesting to see is what impact the land interaction with PR will have with Maria. It will weaken, obviously, but it could skirt along the northern part of the island when it's trying to come off and shift things west later on down the road. Just something I'll keep an eye on tomorrow morning.
  2. 2005 had 4 Category 5s: Emily, Katrina, Rita, Wilma.
  3. Here's the link to the very first one with Matthew last year: https://www.weather.gov/media/mlb/surveys/Matthew.pdf
  4. Jealous of you guys right now. Then again... I don't want to stay at the station late on a Friday. So... Have fun and be safe!
  5. We had a nice downpour here in Charlottesville. One of the reporting stations had a rain rate of 6.13" per hour at one point! Another one close by had 4.2" per hour. Definitely some impressive rains to be had out there with more bands expected to develop later tonight. Specially when the band that just went through here gets near Culpeper in the next few hours. Going to be quite the rain event for y'all up there.
  6. I keep imagining this is January and we're about to be dumped on with snow... This will be a good test run for the new GFS, though, to see how it handles N'reasters. But y'all have fun with this storm! Looks to bypass us too much to get us in the heavy rain part here in Charlottesville. Oh well, at least we aren't roasting!
  7. I'm finding out that summers in Virginia suck worse than Georgia or Florida. Way worse. At least down south you had the chance for showers and storms. Here?
  8. Nope! We had 4 straight days of 99°. Talk about blue balls... haha!
  9. CHO hit 100° for the first time since July 8, 2012. Impressive! Most impressive!
  10. Had a nice gusty shower roll through Charlottesville this afternoon. Confirmed gust of 25 mph from the UVA Scott Stadium STEM station. Always fun to look at the temperature drop as the rain started.
  11. Magic! Haha, nah. I saved it off of COD as a GIF, went to GIFY, uploaded it and copied the "GIF Link" and pasted it here. I'm assuming the board did the rest of the work. It does work on FB as well.
  12. I know this is for Florida, which is why I'm putting it in Banter, but check out this loop of GOES16 over FL this afternoon! An outflow boundary from storms south of Naples raced north, met up with the East Coast Sea Breeze over the Everglades, which helped get things going along West Coast Sea breeze thanks to outflow boundaries from the new storms. Impressive stuff!
  13. Y'all wanting big heat are crazy! Then again... It will help me lose another 5 pounds pretty easily.
  14. Nothing like covering a "surprise" tornado warning this afternoon! Let me know what y'all think and what I can do better next time. (Other than being out of breath at the start as I was running around to get us on the air ASAP from the commercial break during the newscast.)
  15. Yup! For CBS19 in Charlottesville. I've been here 2.5 years after being in Columbus, GA for a little over 4 years. Looking back at tornado coverage and you can tell I'm a bit rusty at the beginning. This is the 2nd day of tornado warnings I've had to cover here (other was February 24, 2016), so I had to quickly remember how to do tornado coverage. haha! But, man! Talk about a rush! HAHA! Even had to cut-in for a few minutes for that 4 minute Orange County warning.