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Autumn in NNE


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High of 53F here in Stowe village today.... now its time to hit freezing. Winds were strong NW all day but have now backed off to light and variable. Probably a half hour away from calm.

ASOS highs today...




Gondola crew reported 30F and freezing fog at 8:30 this morning up top. Light rime on some surfaces. Some pellets or graupel showers but no legit snowflakes on Mansfield.

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My wife discovered Dogfish Punk.... most expensive 4 pack I have ever bought. $11 for 4 beers!!!

Just like buying 'em from the bar but without the tip.

We had to call it an evening early ... just too cold to sit outdoors drinking tall frosties without jackets on. If there hadn't have been a breeze it'd have been fine, but alas! There was a breeze. Maybe we can talk Shay's into installing a firepit.

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We've finally cleared out here as of midnight and temps are dropping after holding in the mid 40s all evening.

I'm at 38F as of midnight at my place. Here's the midnight temperature map... I'll be curious as to how far some of those spots that are already in the 34-36F range drop. Already some frost forming I'm sure at some of these locations, particularly central VT where clouds cleared earlier and winds dropped off. Clouds and wind have lingered in the north a bit longer.

Saranac Lake, NY down to 29F as of 11:51pm... been below freezing since 10pm there. They are going to have skim ice on shallow water in the morning, lol.

Here's a cheers to autumn coming... this is beautiful, widespread 35-45F temps all across central and northern New England as of 12am. Winter is coming!

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Hard frost/freeze here... grass was frozen, cars were frozen, roof-tops were frozen. Topnotch Fields along Mountain Road had that awesome white glow of a thick frost in the early morning sunlight.

Low was 31.8F (32F) on my instrument. Growing season is over.

ASOS lows in this area...

Morrisville-Stowe (MVL)... 32F

Montpelier (MPV)... 34F

Burlington (BTV)... 37F

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