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  1. Yo! Foliage is most definitely slow and dull so far this year. I've seen a few pockets lit up pretty well with color but on the whole, not so much. Our first true frost is late too. Hit 32.5 back on Sunday morning with just a touch of frost out in the field but that's been it so far. 3.5" of rain in that last soaker. Had very little run-off for that much rain--most of it fell at a pretty beneficial clip.
  2. Hey guys--thought I'd drop in and say hi. Lot of talk about rain, or lack thereof. We've had plenty here so far this summer: 15.23" from 6/1 through today. June was ridiculously wet but since then we've had just enough to keep things well-watered and green but not excessive as it was in June (22 out of 30 days were wet). I think I've watered the garden once since late May, lol. 800' well, eh? Ours is 8'--the dug type. I don't think I've ever watered a lawn... Temps have been on the cool side, particularly the overnight lows: 13 mornings in June were <50 (even some upper 30s on a few of those mornings in June), 6 mornings <50 in July and 4 <50 mornings so far in August. Even when it hasn't reached the 40s overnight, we're almost always in low or maybe mid-50s. 47 early this morning...
  3. Holy crap have I had enough. Spent the better part of last week working in the woods and needless to say, it's very very wet out there. Every spring is bubbling and the ground is super-saturated. Definitely need some drying days. Poor folks trying to get hay in right now are having a hell of a time. Shades of the summer of 2013 in progress--I had almost 25" of rain in the May-August period that year... Looks pretty good for the next few days--after today, that is.
  4. 0.35" last night and up to 4.84" for the month so far. We're below normal for the year-to-date but per usual once we get into June, the sunmer rains commence. More chances coming up to looking at the models...
  5. 4.5" last night with 0.45" of water in all sitting on the already very muddy road/driveway. Back up to 20" otg at the homestead and 97.4" for the season. Didn't think we'd make a run at 100" when I was sitting in the high 80"s in late March (only 9.6" for that month) but 7.9" so far in April has pushed me pretty close to the triple-digit benchmark. Average here is ~100" for a winter season. So done with this sh*t right now.... Good chance this is the last one for the season but let's not be hasty!
  6. 87.6" (22" of it still otg).
  7. Had an inch over the weekend, howling winds yesterday and down to 1F this morning. The beat goes on. 22" at the stake still and I'll tell you, that stuff has been stubborn to budge. Hardly a trace of mud season so far--frozen, frozen, frozen.
  8. Topped out at a balmy 46 yesterday....and yet picked up 1.2" last night with the fropa. Was quite surprised when I got up this morning and saw the deck all covered with fresh snow. Yeah, I'm a home sugarer. I'll make a couple gallons every year for home use and also to give some away as gifts. Haven't even thought about it yet this year. Until a couple days ago it's been pretty cold and my locale tends to run rather late--as in it's not till early April when the sap really gets going. I've seen some activity in warmer spots this week--guys tapping, setting up lines, etc.
  9. 37* for a high yesterday at the homestead. First >32* high since way back on January, 20th. Even that day was only 34...
  10. Just seeing this now--terrible news. RIP, man and wishing his family well.
  11. Had 0.3" with fropa early this AM. 80" even now.
  12. I could use a bit of a break, actually. I'm taking care of two houses, two fams (my own and also aging parents) and trying to hold down my job. It's been a grind this winter. A real character builder. All of March still to come. Blue & saturated.