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  1. Pretty cool time lapse from my friends place on Black Cat Island as that Tornado Warned Cell went by. If you look closely left side of the screen you can see some circulation on the water. He said he watched a 300' area start rotating on the water for a little while.
  2. 6.4" down here in the valley as well. Finally made it up to 24" on the ground.
  3. Will be interesting to see how it does play out and if we get more snow, how that will affect the play at the Vermont Pond Hockey Championship this weekend. I will be out there all day Saturday and Sunday again this year keeping score and enjoying the free food and beer for keeping score . Here is the webcam to check out the action. http://www.lakemoreyresort.com/webcam
  4. http://www.weather.gov/nerfc/snow That page still looks the same just in a different location with some other maps available as well.
  5. Well were pretty much at our storm total from Tuesday when I left for work, 1.5" and was coming down pretty good then.
  6. I might just get award for lowest amount, just 1.4" today...lol.
  7. It's taken an hour to go from rest area to 89 northbound. South looks a little better but still stoop and go same stretch
  8. I am sitting on 93 northbound bow, nh where road closed, I believe temp just above freezing but Ice still showing on roads.
  9. 2.8" today bringing us to 7.5" on the ground.
  10. 2.3" here and mostly pingers now!!! I am low elevation at 450ft
  11. After an hour or so of flurries, we now have light snow falling.
  12. Was surprised we got into the mood snow action today, picked up 0.4" so far. I have a 6" hold my weight snow pack, will be interesting to see what happens to it this week.
  13. Was surprised this evening, came out of an event around 8 and it was snowing lightly, very tiny flakes. That stayed pretty consistent all the way home, even some whitening in spots of the breakdown lane on 91.