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The Psuhoffman Storm


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Somebody mentioned this earlier but my zone forecast here for Montgomery Co. has 3-5 inches for just the daytime period Wednesday. I'd say that considering this could go on into the nighttime house that would be an extremely good start.

Good luck folks! Ian, make sure you have a box of crackers.

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Sacrus, Looks pretty much like all the other models. Much more consistency than we've seen for other storms this year.

What a nice trend for this one and youre right what a rarity this year to have such consensus with most guidance where the heaviest qpf occurs. Looks like we'll have more tracking next week as well.


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Yesterday I thought the sweet spot for this storm would be in an area bounded by Leesburg, Hanover, PA, Greencastle, PA and Winchester. Now, I think I'd move that east by 20-30 miles and be comfortable saying that it would be a good 6" - 12" zone.

I wouldn't move it much east - JB is still saying the models are too far east with the bullseye.

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NAM is a shellacking

remember what i said earlier about the 18z QPF....we shouldnt buy it just like we shouldnt of bought the 6z poor run. The off runs always do something crazy but certainly the 18z is more believable than the 6z..



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I'm with the crowd that expects the axis of heaviest precip to come in somewhat north to northwest of where it's currenty progged. May not be too much of a shift, but it wouldn't all surprise me. I can't help but think someone from Northern/Central MD down through Loudoun/Prince WIlliam/maybe Fairfax will get a lolli of 12".

EDIT: I posted this just before the NAM started to roll in.


I would like you to meet


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