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May obs/discussion thread - Welcome to Severe Season!!


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17 minutes ago, STILL N OF PIKE said:

I’ve seen ensemble means be fooled so many times at this lead . Let’s see how it looks in 24-36 hrs 

Yeah wouldn’t think it’s a widespread 1.50-4” of rainfall like they show but spokes of showery wet weather pinwheeling around is what that signal is.

Localized heavy rain possibly among a general light showery regime.  The ensemble mean is spreading QPF out way too much… it’s more the cooler damp signal.

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36 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

88F late this afternoon… 55F at 10:30pm.

The spring-time dry heat and high diurnal ranges is truly some of the best weather of the year.

It’s like an oven in the afternoon, followed by cool refreshing air at night. It’s very Chamber of Commerce.

I'm already down to 56F here.  I have fans in three different windows.  Living room is already down to 64F.  I'll close the windows and the shades before we all leave for work and school in the morning.  That should do the trick in a small, well insulated house.  I really am trying to see how far I make it without AC this year.

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7 hours ago, powderfreak said:

That’s a big fire up there in Nova Scotia. And you are downwind of the dry northerly flow.



This has been my view for 5 days now, we had northeast wind on Monday after that backdoor front came through and the smoke was unbearable. Thankfully the wind has been blowing from southwest to northeast the majority of the time. Looking like a good soaking of rain coming this weekend and beyond so hopefully that will put an end to this monster finally. Picture was yesterday afternoon. Around 20,000 hectares has burned so far making this the biggest wildfire in known history in NS.


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Still a lot of discrepancy with QPF this weekend. EPS soaks. Some models are more ern areas. I think Saturday could have dry periods, especially western areas, but it’s cloudy and chilly if it’s not raining. Shit period coming up.

Friday thunder chances look good up north and then probably along back door somewhere in central MA to near CT/RI border. 

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May totals:

Avg max:  65.8   1.0 AN     Warmest: 86 on the 28th
Avg min:   37.7   2.0 BN     Coolest:  25 on the 18th, 2nd latest 25 reading here, with only 2002 (20th) having a later 25.
Mean:       51.7   0.5 BN

Precip:  6.35"   2.50" AN   
The 3.25" on the 1st is May's greatest rain event here, and the 1.20" late on 4/30 made the event 4.45" in less than 24 hours, also brought the Sandy River to its highest peak flow since 1987 and 4th highest on record, POR since 1929.  The flashier Carrabassett peak was 2nd all time, POR since 1926.

No snow traces were observed, though places to the north saw flakes on the 17th as the cold air poured in.


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