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October 2022 OBS/DISC

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By the way, it's time for the new climate paradigm's October snow event watch ( read that with uneasy/unsure sarcasm -)

There have been hints of this in the Euro as well.  This is a trough specter that's been looming for several days, in the total Japan to Greenland side of the Hemisphere, in ens means and operational consistency and trends,   in the time range below. Though it is awful ...awful early, the behavior is of greater importance to discussion - I think it likely that the bully anomaly aspect will correct/normalize some, while maintaining some semblance of a cold wave October style.   We have competing concepts there...  But, this 'behavior' should be watched for later this month -


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35 minutes ago, OceanStWx said:

Well the lore on the rockpile is two weeks after MWN's first snow the valleys will see flakes. And after the 3rd frost/freeze the next snow up top sticks and stays for the season. 

Both of which happened on the 22nd/23rd.

Is that you, Ginx?

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