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Upstate/Eastern New York-Springtime?

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9 hours ago, BGM Blizzard said:

Large part of CNY and ENY got Nam'd on 0z. Probably overdone and a bit too far W but most of the models are showing some really heavy banding potential. Folks in the Catskills and ADK better make sure their generators are in working order @Flying MXZ. Probably going to see some WSW issued by either tonight or following 12z runs tomorrow.



I’m coming back from Myrtle Beach Monday. I do NOT need this. 

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On 4/15/2022 at 1:27 PM, Syrmax said:

It seems absurd to imagine but Rochester got clobbered x2 well into April back in 199x.  So I guess it's possible...

Just occasional flurries here.  Not buying NAM nonsense. Maybe we get inch Or two of accum if it's at night.

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4 hours ago, sferic said:

On Long Island now' trying to decide whether to spend tomorrow night into Tuesday in Liberty or Cicero since I do have to return to Long Island until the weekend regardless of the location I choose.

I guess I'll make the decision based on tonight's 00z runs

Please stay there. Too many weenies back in CNY will tip the scales and the storm will shift back east.

:) :P 

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We are growing increasingly concerned about the potential for power outages and very difficult travel across central New York.  The snow is expected to be heavy and wet, with the potential for rates as high as 3" per hour overnight tonight. The images shared are the expected character and potential max rate between 8pm this evening and 2am tomorrow morning.

Now is the time to have plans to prepare for what to do if you have to travel or if you experience a power outage.

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On 4/15/2022 at 11:39 AM, wolfie09 said:

Probably going to be fringed in kbuf CWA which means liquid this time of year lol

icon_mslp_pcpn_frzn_neus_31 (2).png


On 4/15/2022 at 12:37 PM, vortmax said:

Wait for the NW shift...


I was just joking, but turning out to be legit...lol

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