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  1. Spectacular day here. when was that last snowstorm......2 or 3 weeks ago?
  2. What's the correlation between AO state and temperatures in upstate NY in June? Second, "troughing and more seasonable temperatures" for June doesn't sound as horrible as you make it out to be.
  3. Yep that's been my experience here as well. We are now at almost 3 weeks without a new case diagnosis here (Otsego County). I wear a mask as a courtesy to others when I'm out and about, not because I fear corona especially when I'm outdoors. An enclosed space like a Gym with potentially lots of people, heavy breathing, sweating and touching the same equipment......I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm not a Gym person but the sports I do participate in, there's no way to wear a mask and still be able to breathe. Makes me a little more nervous.
  4. So for discussions sake: Let's say there were no formal government rules regarding re-opening the Gym. What measures would you want in place to make you feel comfortable being there? Masks? Distancing? Temperature check at the front door? Wipe downs on the equipment between users?
  5. Plus the timing happened to be terrible for hockey. So you resume some sort of abbreviated season end or playoffs now, in a couple of cities, with no fans present. Right now the players are back at home so to even do that you have to reassemble the teams and start practicing and getting back in shape all over again before you can even play. Who is going to watch that? I'm a Sabres fan, used to disappointment with my team but I would still watch the playoffs every year. This year I have zero interest in hockey. It ended 2 months ago.
  6. Yeah there’s no way this works for the NHL. They need the gate. The NFL contracts for TV and merchandising are so lucrative that they could make it work. Not that they will be happy with the revenue hit either but they can make it work. I don’t know much about baseball.
  7. We went out for ice cream on Sunday with another family. The outdoor seating was closed so everyone was hanging out by their cars. None of us in our group (2 families, total 10 people) was wearing a mask. A few people in other groups were but maybe 10% of all the customers. We haven't had a new case diagnosed in our county in almost 3 weeks. Plus we were outside in the sun on a breezy day. I think there was very little risk of anything happening in that setting. I agree with Delta, we have to get back to life starting with baby steps like going out for ice cream or hanging out in people's yards.
  8. Rather pedestrian brief storm here despite impressive radar signatures.
  9. Keeping a wary eye on that situation. We have had horrible flooding here in the past from these PRE systems. The ground is already saturated and lakes and rivers are up high.
  10. About 1/2 inch on the ground, 25F when I headed off for work on my bicycle. Stunningly beautiful sunrise over the snow covered ground and trees. But yeah.....May 13, no bueno.
  11. Something doesn't sound right there. Pre-med student? Our medical students aren't even allowed in the hospital right now and that's a national policy. Anyway, all COVID patients are in negative flow rooms and there ain't no way someone would let a volunteer pre-med student get anywhere near them. But the whole idea of being in a hospital right now, unless it is a vital necessity, is not a good one. We have a group practice, we care for a number of hospitalized patients each day and we have designated one and only one physician to be rounding in the hospital each week. The rest of us stay away so we lessen the risk of bringing it back and exposing our outpatients (this is an oncology practice, so they are very vulnerable).
  12. I think the weather will play a role. When we get the first consecutive days with temps above 90F in northern cities like NYC, Detroit, Chicago, watch out. You can lock people in their apartments for a while. When you start to cook them alive in their apartments, they are coming out in the streets and they will express the anger and frustration that has been building for months.
  13. Radar looking good.....more incoming.
  14. Currently with a breezy snow shower rolling through: