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  1. cny rider

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    Central Otsego County: Precip started around 0700, mix of sleet and freezing rain, temp 31F. Now at 32F, and the small amount of ice accretion we had is liquifying. Still having spotty light rain showers.
  2. cny rider

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    Left my home at 1650 feet, light to moderate snow falling, ground coated. In the valley below, 1200 feet, very light snow, hardly anything on the ground. The dry air is eating it up.
  3. cny rider

    An Ocean Effect Snow chance

    Pretty sure that's the schematic for the play the Dolphins used to beat the Pats on Sunday.
  4. cny rider

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    If only it bore any relationship to actual reality......
  5. cny rider

    December Discussion

    Agree, that was a great, informative post.
  6. cny rider

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    Crazy long day for me at work so I was out shoveling in the dark at 0515 this morning, I think there was 3 inches new since last evening. Not sure what our storm total will be.
  7. cny rider

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    I'm just outside town, on a hill about 400 feet above you in the village. I just shoveled lead density snow. Anywhere from wet spots to about 4 inches depending on where you walk in the driveway. Unbelievable how much that snow weighs.
  8. cny rider

    December Discussion

    We hit -9F the morning after Thanksgiving here. I mused to my wife that we might have set our low for the winter in November. It's very possible.
  9. cny rider

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    The change over to snow already on the Tug is encouraging but I'm still betting big on the under for this event. Just too warm.
  10. cny rider

    Parameters for Ocean Effect Snows on Cape Cod, MA

    You're a good man. I hope you get to visit Tug Hill some time and enjoy the real thing in all its glory.
  11. cny rider

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    Beautiful fluffy snow here in central Otsego County, falling at a moderate rate. Eyeballing about 1.5 inches so far on the patio. I like our chances for jackpotting here.
  12. cny rider

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    My last few trips to Toronto I decided I couldn't take the traffic any more. The solution I found is take the QEW to just outside Hamilton, park at the Aldershot GO station and take the train to Union Station. Blissful compared to the drive. Sit on the train and read in relative peace.
  13. cny rider

    Annual end of Oct blockbuster

    We'll post plenty of pics for you guys and gals.
  14. cny rider

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    Nice shot! We had slightly less snow here in central Otsego County but still enough to whiten the ground and cover the porch. There was also some nasty black ice on the driveway and the roads.
  15. cny rider

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    I’d say for my part of CNY this year is a fail for foliage. More than 50% of the leaves already down and colors have been underwhelming to say the least. Mostly muted yellows and browns. Im not sure why.