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  1. Better hope the virus fumbles like Cam Newton fumbled before it beats Buffalo......
  2. I'd hold back the optimism about this one. There's no data, just a press release. The response to half doses doesn't make much sense. This one needs to be fully presented for publication before any analysis can be done. I'm not sure why they felt the need for a press release with so many unanswered questions.
  3. Exactly.....if you look at how much would have to be saved in a 401K to provide the rich retirement benefits state employees enjoy, you're looking at 7 figure amounts. That's coming from the taxpayers pocket.
  4. I was working in an office on Sheridan. Guy I was working with told me to pack up and head out at lunchtime. I remember driving on the 290 west, needing to get on 990. I had made the drive so many times I just knew it was off to my right. I kept edging over, because I couldn't see any signs or any lane markings. Hardest snow I have ever seen. Somehow I found it and got home. They closed the office about 20 minutes after I Ieft. Several staff members never even made it out of the parking to and slept there.
  5. Yes as Luke said the states have borrowing ability and many creative schemes with revenues and expenses, but they can't run a deficit like the federal government can.
  6. How else would you allocate a desired resource, like nice apartments, if not by price? Serious question.
  7. NY never has a deficit, because states can't run budget deficits.
  8. I'm impressed, I wish we lived in your district. Here we had a delayed opening, now 2 day a week in person instruction and the district cancels classes at the drop of a hat. It seems like they take every possible opportunity to NOT have school here. I want my kids in school 5 days a week and the data on low case rates and transmission in school age children supports doing that.
  9. Petty, nasty, selfish....yes. Fit to lead a democracy? Absolutely not. This is a disgrace:
  10. Posting lists of things Trump did does not answer the leadership question. He has failed miserably as a leader and continues to today.
  11. This is a straw man argument. What you are ignoring while quibbling about statistics is leadership. FDR was a leader. He got Americans to do things that were unpleasant but necessary to win the war. Trump is not a leader. He is divisive and spiteful, not capable of leading in a crisis. If everyone was wearing masks during public interactions the last 6 months countless lives would have been saved, along with small businesses and jobs. Is that too much to ask of the American people?
  12. About 2400 Americans died at Pearl Harbor. We have seen similar numbers of deaths on bad days during Covid. About 290,000 Americans died in WW II. We are rapidly closing in on that many Covid deaths in this country. We are watching the destruction of small business and economic loss on an unprecedented scale So compare FDR's response, and the unity of American spirit and resolve that won that war, with Trump's ignorant, spiteful, divisive Covid response that helped get us where we are now.
  13. What if FDR had come out and ripped the governor of Hawaii for doing such a poor job defending the island, and told the American people the war would be over in no time with no sacrifice needed? What if he told people that the rationing was imposing on their freedom and they should just go out and eat whatever they wanted? Would things have been different?
  14. I bet he would appreciate this one even more. The Trump anthem!