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  1. Cuomo was indeed killing it....I just don't think they realized what the "it" was at the time!
  2. If it's that obvious that these changes need to be made why would you wait 3 years to implement?
  3. April is certainly the cruelest month in upstate NY. Just when you think you're out of winter.....they pull you back in! I can already see it coming when we are all enjoying 55F and warm bright sunshine next week.
  4. Downhill? Nordic? We were up there last week and there was bountiful snow.
  5. I took my kids out to the bus this morning and told them to look around at all the snow........this is our maximum snow depth for the year, for sure. After today it's all downhill. I give this winter an A- for our area. I'm into the winter sports and so my grade depends on snowpack and ski conditions. We had week of good skiing in December, and then January and February have been continuous with excellent pack and excellent surface conditions. If we could have kept winter going until mid-March I would have gone with the A grade.
  6. Can you explain how that could happen in February? Thanks.
  7. You just hate to see a spectacular snowstorm like this here with only meager scraps for SNE/Connecticut.
  8. The more recent one against the Colts was the GOAT!
  9. I have to admit, the members that keep most of the precip south of the PA border continue to be a red flag for me. At least there are fewer now than a day ago.
  10. It's not bad at all, usually that would be a solid snowstorm for our area.
  11. Kind of like seeing Gronk rumbling towards the end zone at full speed with only your third string safety back there at the goal line to attempt the game saving tackle Sure there's a chance.....
  12. Define eastern. I'm in Otsego County, east of most of the forum posters but still "central" NY. Welcome to the board.
  13. That's awesome. Great snow for everyone on our forum, and none in Connecticut! Perfect.