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  1. That's exactly how I feel. Two days ago there was a huge snowfall gradient on the maps within 30 miles of my house. Now it's hours away to the northwest......definitely doesn't hurt like it did before.
  2. I'm toast here in Otsego County. You western NY peeps are stealing our snow!
  3. I'm not feeling this one yet. That track looks like trouble for those of us to the east.
  4. It's an interesting pattern we've had over a few years. When I think of deer hunting season I think of being out in winter conditions.....we always seem to have some snow and at least a period of bitter cold where we struggle to get up to freezing for a high. Then I think of Christmas week, a month later.....and it tends toward the balmy side, often with no snow around.
  5. That's right where we want it down here. Too good to be true!
  6. Taking it in from the comfort of my couch in front of the blazing pellet stove. Hope you enjoy. lets go Buffalo!
  7. How does it look for the Bills game this afternoon?
  8. Beautiful shot. So many leaves! We completed our leaf clean up yesterday with a final mulch. Nothing left on the trees here.
  9. 28 crisp beautiful degrees out there......
  10. That purple dot is our house lol. i can’t explain it but we definitely had a chilly summer. Friends came up to visit from the NY suburbs and were appalled by how cold it was.
  11. Interesting. Our house was at 40F when i left for work in the dark at 0640. But we are on a wooded hill and we don't radiate. I was riding my bicycle and felt my hands get quite cold once I was down in the valley. Multiple people reported 34F on their car thermometers on their way in but I don't think we hit freezing up here.
  12. What a glorious fall day. I was fortunate to have the day off. Chilly foggy start in the 40's but deep blue skies and sun since then. We made it just to 70F, with no humidity. This is the sweetest part of the year in upstate NY. Other than when its snowing of course.
  13. The only thing above 5000 feet is the tops of Algonquin and Marcy.
  14. Season opener or home opener? It's quite a while before the first home game. Will almost be lake effect season!
  15. Beautiful October morning out there. Crisp air, brisk NW breeze and blue skies with puffy cumulus and roving lake effect showers coming through.