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  1. Yeah the Tug demands respect. We've done extensive travel in snow all over the northeast to back country ski. We've been through big snowstorms in the Adirondacks, the Greens but I've never felt actual fear like I felt on the Tug when the lake effect started cranking along with the wind. It is truly desolate in areas and can be very intimidating. The danger is real.
  2. Anyone else here deer hunt? Next Saturday looks heinous for opening day.
  3. Daytime high of 30F here. Impressive for this time in November.
  4. I'm at work now, looks like an inch or so here in Cooperstown. Perfect mood setter to start the season off.
  5. I'm north of BGM and I think the cold shot 10/27 will be enough to put some flurries in the air.
  6. Appropriate for the new thread, our first 32F reading this morning.
  7. I shake my head when I come look at this forum and see incredibly informative posts from mets and some informed amateurs, and the total lack of respect given to them by the wish casters. How much disrespect are the mets in this forum willing to take? It seems quite a lot.
  8. With the trough interacting with Irma, how worried should we be about a PRE? That's been the real disaster for us in upstate NY with prior systems.
  9. 37F on the Davis, light patches of frost on the open center portion of our lawn. Heck of a way to start Labor Day weekend!
  10. Honestly I can't remember ever looking at the point and click for my location in August and seeing forecast lows in the 30's, before today!
  11. Have you had new Merrill's in the last few years? They were always my favorite for hiking boots and sandals. I bought new sandals two years ago and they suck. Velcro is in the wrong place on the straps, stitching is crap. I think they got bought out a few years back.
  12. This is good news. We in upstate NY had been reading dire predictions about the impending heat wave(s) in New England earlier this summer and we were preparing for large numbers of incoming climate refugees seeking refuge. Do you think we can stand down now?
  13. We hiked the 3 brothers and Big Slide with the kids yesterday. We were on the peak at 1400 and watched 2 of those boomers form north of us near Whiteface and start rolling east. Beautiful to watch from a few miles away and happy to not be under them on those exposed peaks.
  14. 59F and drizzle here. Classic trick or treating weather. Oh wait......it's still July?
  15. Does anyone like our chances for severe tomorrow evening?