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  1. West of Albany, just south of Cooperstown and just south of the snow line. We had sleet and freezing rain most of the morning and now sleet and snow. Trees limbs and power lines getting saggy.
  2. That was a nice line that went through last evening. I saw there was a TOR warning south of Oneonta. Did anything get confirmed?
  3. Grim discussion in the long range from Binghamton: Our region continues to see a lack arctic high pressure systems overall. These high pressure systems would have the potential to shift the storm track further south, more favorably for snow. The MJO looks to move into phases 2 and 3 which promote warmer temperatures in mid to late January and storm tracks from the southwest into the Great Lakes similar to this upcoming week. So the possibility of the least snowiest January on record at Binghamton (current snow 0.4 and the record 6.8 inches in 1973) continues to be very real.
  4. I don't want to go too far out on a limb here but thinking that 54 inches on Tug may not verify.
  5. 39 here. Kids asking when the pellet stove goes on. I told them at least another 2 weeks!
  6. A little above normal temps in September is delightful. October as well.
  7. You got me beat by several degrees, but this is another summer morning as it ought to be up here:
  8. I can almost always find the good in people. With you though, not so much.
  9. I’m sitting sweltering in our non air conditioned living room and that 49F printed right on top of our house can’t come soon enough!
  10. Average highs for December 24/25 are around 55F in recent memory. Usually with a touch of drizzle thrown in.
  11. Same amount here. I feel like this summer is just right. We are getting enough rain for everything to grow and flourish but still having many beautiful summer days. The wild raspberry crop is the best we have ever had:
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