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  1. Honestly in mid-May we don't even need above normal. Just getting above 50-55F daily highs would feel great.
  2. I saw it out the window, thought it looked like grauple but I didn't get outside to feel it.
  3. Meanwhile another morning of 40F and drizzle. Oh joy......
  4. I just dumped the rain gauge. 3.6 inches for this week. That's a healthy drink.
  5. It's a great day to "chill" on the porch here. Happy May!
  6. I went mountain biking with our Golden this morning. Some of the trail was actually frozen mud! But she still needed a hosing off when we got home.
  7. Hellacious drive to work this morning. Frozen road surface with an inch of powder on top. More cars off our road into the ditch than I have ever seen at one time. I think our town has already removed plows and spreaders from their trucks because I don't see them out.
  8. Early December perhaps. Christmas week it would be at least 20F warmer.
  9. Those only show like a measly 10 inches here.....I suppose we can adjust upward as we get closer.
  10. Low 60s here but enough to wake this beauty from winter slumber:
  11. I'm going to bet the under on the 2 inches for here.
  12. The tail end of that went through here and whitened our bare spots.
  13. We had a high here of 33F so I bet most or all of the Tug stayed below freezing. Where did you ride? That pic looks great.
  14. Cuomo was indeed killing it....I just don't think they realized what the "it" was at the time!