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  1. Interesting.......makes me wonder how valuable a skier like me, the “marginal skier” matters to the resort companies. We do much more Nordic skiing, but in a good winter we get in 8 or 9 downhill days. Most of them are decided a day or two in advance depending on conditions and our schedules. With our family that’s 5 lift tickets, a few lessons each year, some food in the cafeteria etc. If the whole thing becomes a big PIA I can see most or all of those downhill days going bye bye, replaced by more XC. How much does that matter to anyone in the big scheme of things?
  2. We got the goods here. It has been raining steadily for 3 hours now. Much needed.
  3. We've got all that in upstate NY too. Unfortunately we also have "No jobs" to go with it.
  4. Agree. Many years ago (20 plus) I joined some friends for a weekend hike to Marcy in September. We met up Friday afternoon and hiked to a lean to in our shorts and T-shirts. We woke up to a cold rainy day. We still trudged up Marcy, saw nothing from the summit in the overcast and retreated to the lean-to. When we woke up the next morning we had frozen boots and several inches of snow on the ground.
  5. We saw the sun for an hour this morning, now it’s turned into another grey chilly October day. sad face.
  6. MXZ you have great radiating there! High of 56 here yesterday with a brisk chilly breeze. 40F when I woke up today. Excellent trick or treating weather.
  7. Point and click with a forecast high of 58F here today. It's beautiful.....but a little chilly for summer.
  8. Hi Charlie and welcome. What town do you live in? Not sure about the accurate forecast part but lots to consider like your elevation, amount of shade, breeze and your tolerance for heat and humidity. Here in central NY at elevation in the woods it has never been worth it for us to get AC. There are typically 3 or 4 nights per summer we wish we had it.
  9. We lucked out. We don’t radiate that well and the skies were cloudy with a decent breeze. I’m curious if the valley below us got as cold as you did.
  10. Calendar says June but in my backyard it's October. Brisk 40F with lead grey skies when I took the dog out this morning. 59F inside the house but we will just wait for the sun to warm things up. No going back to heat now!
  11. We had a great night's sleep under our big down comforter. 43F when I woke up. No, I am not re-starting the pellet stove. I did the big tear down and clean up last weekend. It is not going back on until the fall....I don't care if anyone's lips are turning blue tomorrow morning!
  12. From now through Monday looks like weather we would hope for on a *perfect* Columbus Day weekend.......highs upper 50's to around 60 and crisp nights. I'll take it!
  13. Spectacular day here. when was that last snowstorm......2 or 3 weeks ago?
  14. What's the correlation between AO state and temperatures in upstate NY in June? Second, "troughing and more seasonable temperatures" for June doesn't sound as horrible as you make it out to be.
  15. Yep that's been my experience here as well. We are now at almost 3 weeks without a new case diagnosis here (Otsego County). I wear a mask as a courtesy to others when I'm out and about, not because I fear corona especially when I'm outdoors. An enclosed space like a Gym with potentially lots of people, heavy breathing, sweating and touching the same equipment......I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm not a Gym person but the sports I do participate in, there's no way to wear a mask and still be able to breathe. Makes me a little more nervous.