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  1. “Snowy” look to the radar today. I assume it’s snow at 10,000’ or something and melting before it gets to the ground?
  2. Pretty good power outages from just north of here to the Albany area. I had nothing of consequence down but just north must have gotten some good wind!
  3. Yea, it was a beautiful weekend in the Catskills.
  4. Possibly peak weekend coming up? If we get a good storm next week it could be. Very pretty drive around this morning.
  5. Just need a sweatshirt! On the bright side, I'm pretty sure my office is about 54 as well right now.
  6. 3 days in a row at or below 27 here. House got down to 54 yesterday morning so I gave in and turned on the heat. Looks nicer this coming week.
  7. Frost advisory tonight for Delaware and Otsego Counties now. I'm thinking good chance I'll have one at my place.
  8. Tornado observed near Roxbury according to the local news.
  9. I can see nice dark clouds, but nothing special.
  10. Looks like the storm is going to miss me in Delhi. My house on the other hand is getting pounded.
  11. Is it good to have a Tor Warning with no severe Watch in effect?