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  1. I hit 24" this morning. Pretty sad, especially for how cold it's been.
  2. Had to add a pic of my stupid lab doing what she loves.
  3. Nice morning walk with the dog! The eagle that flew over didn’t seem to mind the cold.
  4. 5" Sunday night 2" yesterday 2" last night. Not too bad down south here. Nothing like out west (congratulations) but it could have been worse!
  5. This is amazing to me. The models showed something like this, but for BGM to here to stay all snow and you to go to freezing rain for awhile is crazy.
  6. I'm calling it 5" as of my 5:00 plowing. Hard to get a great measurement due to the wind but 5" was the average.
  7. Just got up to check if I wanted to do a mid storm plow. 2” or 3”, so no. Looks to be snowing nicely though.
  8. BGM upgraded pretty much everyone to a warning. I don’t see much difference in my forecast yet though.
  9. Euro’s been pretty good down here in Delco, at least compared to other models. Hoping it’s right.
  10. That’s actually not bad here. Not sure how realistic it is though.
  11. In the aforementioned New England thread, the Mets there were talking about how ALL the analogs were way to the east of the current models. And all agreed that with the starting 500mb maps (or something like that) they would bet on a typical storm track. But with all the models showing what they are, they were thinking this west track is the most likely outcome.
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