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  1. The dropoff in cases and hospitalizations has been crazy. Hopefully it stays down.
  2. I lost my lab mix last spring and the wife and kids talked me into a puppy in late fall. So we now have a 5 month old purebred lab. Growing like a weed, and tons more active than my 14 y/o was! Didn’t lose much snow here today, even my black topped driveway didn’t clear up much more. But I washed my truck for the first time in months!
  3. You honestly think a ski center on Tug Hill isn't going to have snow in 2 weeks after this winter? You'll be fine.
  4. I'm going solid A here. All I really care about is snowpack for snowmobiling and we've had well over a month of that here, with great conditions. One big storm thrown in too (that melted within a week). When I've had enough riding, and there is still lots of snow on the ground, I don't need it to last longer. I'll enjoy warmer weather, and get ready for baseball!
  5. 3” in Eastern Delaware County. Sure seemed like a WWA would be justified, but maybe only because the roads were a mess while schools let out.
  6. Maybe 1" of sleet/freezing rain mix. Was hoping to hold on to sleet longer, but 35° this morning.
  7. Anyone have what the temperatures departures finished in January across upstate? I know we were running quite warm, but it sure seemed like a nice winter month in the northwest Catskills.
  8. 3” early yesterday. 8” when I went out to plow at 1:15. 1.5” while I plowed from 1:15-2:00. Heavy band moving out now, but no complaints! And it started with poor snow growth this afternoon but was great during the heavy band, same as crashing Eric.
  9. Nice snowy lunchtime walk in Delhi. Maybe 1" so far.