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  1. Probably. Just not used to seeing the back edge of a storm look like this. Maybe I just don't pay enough attention.
  2. I know it's in NY (please don't yell at me) but cool waves on the back side of the snow on the radar. What is causing that?
  3. I had 6" on the railing and snowboard at 5:00. About 4.5" in the driveway. Warm ground doing it's thing.
  4. Any thoughts or insights on Windham's changes? Sounds like they are not hiding the catering to the rich.
  5. Thanks, sounds good. Not a fisherman but hiking is up our alley. Don't mind a drive to the coast for some good seafood. Thanks again.
  6. Anyone familiar with the area near Wilton Maine? Headed there for about a week 8/7-8/13ish. Looking for outdoors stuff to do. Not afraid to drive somewhere. Nearest good seafood/lobster rolls around?
  7. I like this better too, but no one's here so I went to the dark side. Still don't post much, but there is some decent info over there.
  8. Is there a simple weather "station" (really just after temperature readings) that can be read remotely? Family has a camp on Tug Hill and we currently do not even have a functioning outside temperature gauge. Love to get something simple, but something that we could read from home. Camp has wifi and cell service which would probably be needed. Don't really want to spend hundreds on an unloadable weather station, and camp is not in a good location for wind readings. Love it to be able to be "read" from multiple phones, but if only 1 that would work too.
  9. Just got around to it. Thanks. Seems to be working fine.
  10. This weather is stupid. Finally dropped below 60 this morning (at 57°). Warm days are fine this time of year, but it not cooling off is weird. But good to see the amazing Bills losing again to another AFC East team. They are pretty good out of their division!
  11. I guess I gotta get in this Discord stuff. So send me an invite if you can.
  12. Fireplace can go in September, real heat is a last resort until October.
  13. 35° this morning with frozen dew on my windshield.
  14. Hours and hours of rain yesterday, grand total just over 0.1".
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