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  1. 27° down here this morning. The fact that we are still "abnormally dry" here is a joke. NYC reservoirs full and spilling, swamps all over my yard. I'd hate to see what we should be. This next rain can miss us to our west and we'll be fine.
  2. Thats a pretty badass wall they built there!
  3. Except not really. Still 6' distancing so not 100%. And 33% for stadiums. So not really.
  4. I had the hangover feeling this morning with my second shot yesterday. No alcohol, but I didn’t hydrate well yesterday and I was sweating quite a bit at the kids baseball practice.
  5. Second shot whooped me this morning. Feel hungover even though I had nothing. But I didn’t hydrate well, and actually sweat quite a bit at the kids baseball practice last night. I’m much better now compared to when I woke up.
  6. Just shy of 2" from this rain. Looking forward to some May snow showers tomorrow morning.
  7. Beautiful yesterday here. Today looks nice too, though nowhere near the 80's like earlier thought. 72 forecast here, about perfect in my world. Snow showers possible Friday night again.
  8. Highest elevations had a coating yesterday evening. Big fat flakes for awhile.
  9. 1"-1.5" in Delhi in the valley, nothing on the roads. Judging by my camera, about 3" at home in the hills.
  10. Highmarket area if anyone has any couch change laying around.
  11. Good squall this morning down here. Probably 1.5” in less that 1 hour.
  12. That’s either Camp 2 or Camp 4 road. Close to the middle of the tug.