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  1. 71° low here this morning. Almost never see it that warm here.
  2. I agree with that. But I've heard from a couple farmers that some springs for the cattle have dried up. I assume they are not the best springs around, but it is making it hard to get water to some livestock.
  3. 0.4 out this way. Pretty dry summer for a change out this way.
  4. Off and on drizzle in Delaware County most of yesterday in the low 60's, head to Binghamton to watch Max Scherzer and it's nothing but sun and high 70's.
  5. 35.7 this morning, 36.8 yesterday. Scattered frost in some fields this morning. It is the second half of June isn't it?
  6. Sunday morning low was 34.3 and there was frost across the road on the neighbors lawn and roof. About 1/2 the June's around here I see frost somewhere.
  7. 28° the past 2 mornings here. But I'm not too far from winter_rules.
  8. This current storm would be infuriating if this were winter. As it is, I love it. Looks beautiful for awhile now.
  9. Wow, didn't realize it was that "cold". At least the worst month of the year is over.
  10. Big time power outages around here. Our local small time provider (DCEC) at one point had 75% of their customers out. Of course that is only 4000. They have whittled it down to 60% now.
  11. 6" at my place on elevated surfaces. About 4" in the driveway. Sloppy sloppy crap. Reports of 12"+ west of me. One of my many (I assume) downed white pine branches. I don't know why the stupid thing is sideways.
  12. Yea, I don't know what was wrong with here. I'm not adding another spot to my timewasters.
  13. Snow started mixing in when we got off 95 in Fredericksburg VA. By 81 in Winchester it was all snow with the grass whitened. Roads ok but visibility not good. Hope you guys get it and it misses my house!
  14. It’s time to crush baseball’s, not snowstorms!
  15. I’m coming back from Myrtle Beach Monday. I do NOT need this.
  16. Somewhere on 177 in the Barnes Corners area is probably the closest you can get to the heart of tug hill and still have a normalish chance of getting to work. But 177 is closed plenty due to les storms.
  17. You like to buy just outside of the big snow areas. But I get it, there isn’t much in the Redfield’s and Montague’s of the world.
  18. Terrible morning here. Rain all morning, except when it turned to snow. Afternoon was better, but still a couple passing showers. One with either hail or graupel bouncing.
  19. Looks good to me. Wait, that’s Myrtle Beach where I’ll be.
  20. Agreed, and to hell with the severe weather. Give me nice dry weather for baseball, and just enough rain to keep things growing.
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