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  1. Large part of CNY and ENY got Nam'd on 0z. Probably overdone and a bit too far W but most of the models are showing some really heavy banding potential. Folks in the Catskills and ADK better make sure their generators are in working order @Flying MXZ. Probably going to see some WSW issued by either tonight or following 12z runs tomorrow.
  2. I closed the book on this disappointing winter season after having numerous days in the 60s and 70s already. Any accumulating snow at this point will result in a grade deduction.
  3. O nah I was referring to the coastal storm on some of the models for monday night into tuesday... the Euro in particular.
  4. Can't believe what I'm seeing on the Euro and EPS for early next week. Hopefully it doesn't pan out. I already got everything ready for spring.
  5. Lost over half of our snowpack today. The March sun shall not be infringed.
  6. The back to back storms this week dumped nearly 20" at kbgm. Up to 65.2 on the season and only 1.2 behind Ksyr. My grade for the winter has risen from D- to a C+ as of now. Another warning level snowfall would probably jump it to either a B- or B, but that looks unlikely at this point.
  7. 10" here and still coming down mdt to heavy at times with these nice LE streamers overhead
  8. Yeah nbm comes out before the rest of the models. So 18z nbm mostly based on 12z runs I'm guessing.
  9. That's called getting Nam'd. Wow. Just glad to see the east trend stopped and shift back NW. Lock. It. In.
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