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  1. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Sneaky little storm for Tomorrow. Have a feeling it overperforms for most of CNY... most S and E of SYR. Could see BGM expanding the advisory more for widespread 3-6. Decent send off before winter takes a break for a while.
  2. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Feel your pain. BGM and ALB both down in the dumps this year for snowfall and on pace for a well below normal season. BGM at least had an all-time season high record in 2016-17. ALB been on a bad run for a while now it seems.
  3. Upstate/Eastern New York

    6.5 here at KBGM
  4. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Gone over to snow now here at KBGM. Timing wise this seems to be about on schedule to perhaps bit early. Hopefully stays SN rest of the way out. Models have been showing crazy gradient whole time here with river valley and Route 17 corridor perhaps only getting 1-2" while towns in northern half of Broome may get close to 6-8". Intellicast seems to be suggesting this gradient might already be setting up.
  5. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Down to 32 here with frozen precip
  6. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Reed Timmer is setting up camp in SYR. Says it all as to which upstate city will score the heaviest dump out of this.
  7. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Model consensus seems to put BGM right on the razor thin line between 2-3" of slop or 6-10" of paste. NWS hedging low with more mixing. Definately like the trends.
  8. Upstate/Eastern New York

    New NAM has me a bit more optimistic about decent accums this way. It has mostly just been the Euro to this point showing anything decent. If Euro still holds ground I see BGM converting all watches to warnings with exception of possibly Otsego Co. Even if accums fall slightly short of the letter of law for warning level snowfall in spots within the current watch alignment, this looks to be a fairly high impact event due to combination of antecedent rainfall washing off the roads and setting the stage for a flash freeze all the same time while receiving a moderate dose of IP/ZR topped with at least several inches of snow. The roads on Saturday AM will undoubtedly be an absolute mess.
  9. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Eh... even though a track east of the spine is appearing likely I'm not overly optimistic about the chances of the greater BGM area getting significant accums. Still leaning toward it being mostly a slop fest around these parts. I could see the Elmira-Ithaca-Cortland corridor forming the eastern edge of appreciable amounts. Actually a bit surprised BGM didn't include another tier of counties to the s/e in the watch but plenty of lead time left.
  10. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Euro came in east. Has a double barrel look to it with primary low starting west of the spine and then transferring to a secondary near the Delmarva area.
  11. Upstate/Eastern New York

    All things considered, I'd rather be on the western edge of the heavy snow axis right now. We all know the models generally tend to correct west in the late stages... and if there ever a setup for it this would be as good as any.
  12. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Just saw that. That is encouraging. Still not feeling too confident for CNY yet. WNY much better chance to cash in on this setup IMO.
  13. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Not that the GFS is correct, but wow what a would-be thermal gradient between KBUF and KBGM. SN+/15 degrees vs. RA+/45 degrees.
  14. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Not a good setup for bulk of CNY I don't think on weekend storm. Antecedent airmass blows with highs in 40s to near 50 down around here and even the eastern outlier gfs is questionable as we would still be fighting warm air and dry slotting issues with track nearly right over BGM. This looks more like a far WNY and NNY event if there is a wintry synoptic side to be had at all. With models showing negative tilt near the Mississippi Delta region 'm betting on a Euro type solution with a track west of the spine. Need that negative tilt to happen closer to Atlanta area to up our chances that the front can setup shop further S/E.
  15. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Haven't had much to post about from down here in BGM area. Bit of a lackluster start to the winter with just a few minor events thus far. Suffice to say BGM will not be repeating as golden snowball champion this year lol. Merry Christmas to all!