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  1. Sun has broken through and temp has soared to 80 here. Fantastic 2nd half of the day.
  2. Watch possible...
  3. Just hit 84 here. Feels like summer with the increase in humidity.
  4. Good luck to those still wanting snow. Next week was looking good at last check. Looked like 70s and 80s by mid week. We can hope.
  5. Hopefully any snow chances stay east of here. I'm thoroughly over winter now, 100%.
  6. .74" of rain here today so far. Definitely needed it.
  7. Made it to 74 here today. Looks like a repeat tomorrow. Taking the day off to clean up the yard with the grass now growing noticeably.
  8. Ended up with 2 inches on the grass. Pavement is just wet.
  9. Probably near .25/hr rate at the moment. This band is motoring so probably an inch maybe 2 tops if we can get into some of the yellow stuff for a bit. Temp is 34 and falling.
  10. Buf just cancelled all headlines outside of Lewis County, and dropped Lewis to a WWA. The modeling really does suck these days.
  11. Probably high terrain of the Adirondacks. Might even be a dud there too at this rate though, who knows.
  12. I'm fine with heaviest snow staying N and W of Bgm. Last time we got a late season paste had a bunch of limbs come down and my neighbors birch tree bent over and split and nearly took out my truck. The grass is already starting to green up here too. I'm ready for permanent spring.
  13. .86 of rain here today and made it to a high of 41. Currently 35. Overall a fugly weather day and would have preferred to NOT get that much rain as my yard is now a soft sponge.