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  1. Appears the Nam is chasing convection out in the Atlantic. Looks very suspect.
  2. 18z Euro looks better for CNY folks compared to 12z. Seems to have picked up on some lake enhanced wrap around.
  3. About 4 inches of paste here and still coming down. This little event overperformed a bit vs the model consensus.
  4. Jim Sullivan is the long range forecaster at Weather Works in NJ. Always has great insight on this stuff.
  5. Looks like LEK nailed it with his forecast tonight and saying the event would overperform. That band looks like it means business.
  6. Still about 12" of snow pack here but melting at a good clip. Creeks are starting to overflow their banks.
  7. 9" is the criteria for watch/warning over a 24 hour period in the NY portions of the Buf, Bgm, and Aly cwa. Probably Btv too.
  8. Yeah flooding would probably be limited to poor drainage type stuff, but definitely would be concerned about roofs. There were already some roof collapses of mobile homes just from the snow. I would probably clear my garage roof off just for precaution if it ends up we are looking at something significant a few days out. I think I read KBGM recorded 2.71 of liquid equivalent from the 40" of snow, hopefully we shed some of it before next storm.
  9. I don't know what would be worse for BGM area regarding potential storm next week... 12+ of snow or 1.5+ of rain. Alot of side streets still haven't been made passable yet. I'd be okay with BGM missing out on any sig snows, but don't want much rain either and have to clear my garage roof. Ugh.
  10. Town highway dept was finally able to get personnel to the barn and get the front end loader out. Just made my street passable. I took a video but it's too large to upload... about 2:30 long.
  11. That 44.0 in Newark Valley is definitely legit. I'm 1 mile east of there.
  12. I'll have to try and take some additional measurements. Had to clear a spot and use a measurement tape cause yard stick was too short so might not be exact and compaction not uniform everywhere.