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  1. Maybe so - but I’m watching the sky go to a thunderstorm look that I know contains snow and where I come from - that’s still so bada$$!!!
  2. Having grown up on the Jersey short and lived in Philly and NW NJ before moving up here, it’s almost hard for me to ever complain!!
  3. The new 3KM shows one heck of a lake effect band. That could drop 3-5” easily if it parks for any duration!
  4. I’ve been here two winters and seen over 100” both years - so I will never complain!!! great to be on a board with local folks. It’s tough to find a dedicated place not concentrated on the major metro areas.
  5. Only true weather weenies could translate this sentence correctly without the appropriate context...
  6. Lol. I thought I got away from this nonsense when I moved from NJ! Thankfully it’s only November!
  7. Intensity picking up here in Skaneateles. Right on the cutoff line as of now.
  8. I think we get hit hard in the morning hours and top off with a couple to few lake enhanced inches. 7 or 8” seems about right.
  9. We are snowing here too. Coating on some surfaces. I believe the Tanzanian nailed this part.
  10. https://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx.php?warnzone=NYZ018&warncounty=NYC067&firewxzone=NYZ018&local_place1=Skaneateles NY&product1=Winter+Storm+Watch&lat=42.9456&lon=-76.4275#.XchlByVOmEc WSW here now too.