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  1. Bananas graupel shower here. Highlight of the winter.
  2. Winds are damn impressive. Easily feel like we’ve gusted over 50mph.
  3. Already flipped to decent snow here in Skaneateles. Could see a few inches today.
  4. Unless ratios are 30:1 I’m not seeing what NWS is seeing here. I wanna be wrong.
  5. If I didn’t have a family with two young boys I would so be taking the short road trip. One day...
  6. NAM starting this see the LES around here late Friday through Saturday. That’s what NWS Binghamton is keying in on.
  7. Struggling with this map here in Skaneateles. I just don’t see 8”+ happening. Hope I’m wrong!
  8. Yeah. After I left. What a kick in the baguettes. EDIT: I was there for the Boxing Day Blizzard visiting my parents for Christmas (they’re still there) and it was my second favorite storm behind 1996.
  9. Fryer? Man this makes me laugh growing up in Monmouth County NJ! I know I will lose this perspective eventually but I still have it!
  10. This is that critical frame! It’s a race between the cold air and precip. There’s likely gonna be a disappointed back side area!
  11. Storm reminds me of the one in late January. We had a beautiful synoptic snow burst that Saturday afternoon in Skaneateles when the call was all rain. Elevation may throw some surprises out with this one too.
  12. It’s like the Patriots fans complaining about missing out on the playoffs this year to that crew!
  13. Your emoji is actually accurate and not facetious if this forecast were for the I-95 corridor this winter!