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  1. The NAM is bonkers. Lol. This is gonna be great especially since it’s going to be beautiful by the weekend.
  2. Thinking canceling my tee time for tomorrow is a good idea.
  3. Personal taxes and finances today with March Madness and golf? Let it snow!
  4. I did it because the snowfall maxima looks like a penis.
  5. I’m actually super down with the Sunday event. March madness. Home for the weekend with the family. Homemade meatballs in the crockpot. Yeah man! So a dusting it is @TugHillMatt…
  6. Good luck man. Come closer to here so you can help to “reverse the curse…”
  7. Premature Winter Storm Watches are always such a nad punch.
  8. And when I leave. Perhaps we are finally transitioning the curse????
  9. I’m having a hard time too man. But for me it’s all about Ukraine. I wish I could do more. It physically hurts. Maybe a blizzard for you and some warmer days for me can help us to be a bit distracted even if it’s just for a little bit.
  10. I will be in Myrtle Beach so this is gonna get ya! Rooting for you all!!!
  11. Kinda true Dave. I think it’s the golf itch too. I saw grass and got excited. Lol It sure is pretty out there…
  12. Yeah man. It’s hard work but it’s worth it. I wasted so many years that I could have been in peak shape. It started with quitting drinking. I started eating smarter and then working out harder and harder and added a lot more strength versus just cardio. Everyone is different but for me it was just one change that let the dominos fall. My kids are 10 and 7 and now I can more than keep up with them on and off the field/court. Feels awesome.
  13. No I just am not enjoying the snow the way I used to. Full transparency is I loved to drink IPAs in the snow. I quit drinking nearly a year ago and it’s just not the same. That may sound sad but it’s my truth! The good news is I’ve lost 30 pounds, am completely ripped and can dunk a basketball again on a 10’ rim at 6’1” and 42 years old. And I’m as white as they come. Actually, whiter.
  14. Sadly I am becoming less of a snow weenie. Especially once March hits. I attribute this to quitting drinking. I look forward to the snow less now. I suppose the net sum is quite positive but it’s nostalgically sad…
  15. This snow reminds me of my time in NJ. Was heavy and wet to clean up and tougher with the snowblower. Spring is coming…
  16. Snow started back up again in Skan. OT: Can’t help but think of the people of Ukraine, especially Kyiv.
  17. Pinging in Skan now. how awful was the Euro with this? Yikes.
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