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Feb 2-4th Snowstorm- Observation Thread

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2 minutes ago, cny rider said:

I’ve never been so happy to hear sleet raking across our window screens.

Temp down to 30/29 and that did the trick.

Looks like pure sleet with some mangled icy flakes mixed in now.

Good luck to you guys south of me.

We def have a few pingers mixed in but still looks like mostly zr here.

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37 minutes ago, Ottawa Blizzard said:

Just got back from a walk. Snowing steadily, but flake size is small. I'm at the border between Toronto and Markham.  Glad we are at least getting something out of this second wave. Congrats to the western and central New York posters!

Just wondering how much you got and how much you guys have on the ground now? 

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14 minutes ago, LakeEffectKing said:

Flake size should improve for all areas (that are snowing).

I just checked some soundings going forward from the NAM and it looks like the DGZ grows a bit thickness wise and Omega increases within.  5.5" in Caz with moderate SN.

Thanks. I have burned out looking at models, soundings, Kuchies, etc.  I was a bit optimistic last night looking at some soundings...hopefully they end up right.

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29 minutes ago, BGM Blizzard said:

We're nearly all sleet here now too thankfully.

Looked like rain drops under the streetlight and couldn't hear the pinging over the TV and fire insert. But stepped outside and it's music to my ears.

You guys inspired me to go outside and listen to….the sound of rain drops and water running down the gutters.  Also noticed a huge puddle on our main front sidewalk, because it is dammed up by snow/ice banks and frost heaved soil on the sides, that will probably turn into a 1” thick sheet of glare ice by morning, so I’ve got that going for me….

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1 minute ago, Syrmax said:

NWS brought back the ol' Travellers Advisory just for WNY? How quaint.  Downgrade from WSW I assume? ;)

I remember Traveler's advisories from the 1970's but in NYC it was for snows of 1-3 inches then there were Heavy Snow Warnings for 6 inches or more


What next will come back , bell bottoms? Wait they did

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