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Feb 2-4th Snowstorm- Observation Thread

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9 hours ago, TugHillMatt said:

That's not how it works, Tim. The point others are trying to make is that the Kuchera maps were showing AREA-WIDE totals, related to the SYNOPTIC part, of 15 to 20 inches. That did NOT verify. The only places to get to 15 to 20 inches were those that got lake effect or lake enhancement. As mentioned several times, the Kuchera snowfall totals did NOT verify for the majority of those on this board.

The kuchera maps we were posting were for the entire storm. And they did nearly verify. You guys are changing the context of the point of contention. 
whatever. It was a good storm regardless of the semantics 

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22 hours ago, Thinksnow18 said:

I’m just shocked it was longer than ‘76-‘77

76/77 vs 00/01.  Total snow depth is not even close, but we maintained a continuous snow pack in 00/01 from Nov 19th - Feb 8th.  Never got that impressive in total depth but had a lot of staying power.   00/01 also saw a harsh March with 23 days of snow pack while 77 saw winter wrap up a few weeks sooner, which was likely the tipping point for total 1"+ days,  Wonder if you could assign a number metric to each winter based on the snow depth and duration it what was on the ground as a means to rank winter seasons by something other than total snowfall.  To me a memorable winter is one that see a snow pack stay maintained.  Might try and do a few more seasons and see what the number spreads would be and if they seemed to make sense.       


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