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  1. So where does this storm rate? 77 would take the top spot but in my lifetime think most impactful storm order would go October 2006 November 2014 December 2001 November 2022 December 2010
  2. Few of my more favorite shots from the storm. I ended up being just north of the bullseye zone on the south side of the metro and had to watch the cloud band most of the time. Still ended up with an impressive 42.0” over the 3 days so hard to call it a miss, but wasn’t “the big one” for me.
  3. Was I being too greedy when I made this or was I just being realistic?
  4. Few shots of the band over the lake from downtown earlier. Had the distinct wall appearance.
  5. Probably about as close to a call as you’ll get right now. Might see some small flips and flops but immediate metro area looks to be best bet. Some options right across street from airport. Also a hotel near the Walden Galleria mall a little south of there and then even a little more south in West Seneca some places near the I90 exit. If you have any questions on places or the area toss them up here.
  6. Depends if your coming up to camp outside the band and try and venture into or if your looking to setup shop under the band and be in ground zero. If it’s a 2 footer or less things will be cleared up fairly quickly to leave town but if we’re going to experience extreme rates like in Nov 14 you will likely become stranded for some time, possibly more than a day. Also important to note the main thruways will all likely be closed just prior to and following the storm. This does look like it’s going to be a big one, if you can get the time off I would highly recommend the trip up.
  7. Stop trolling! The temp was 32.2 C which is only 89.96 F. Trying to manipulate the numbers with rounding.
  8. Think we will see some spotty downpours roll through later tonight as the cold front pushes through.
  9. HRRR was spot on with the WNY cell. Few miles north and 2 hours early but placement was spot on!
  10. Already approaching 80 at 9am. Think the forecast will verify!
  11. I still can't get over this map... Legend runs 0-96" but I've got to separate 4 shades of blue for amounts under 3"?
  12. Always need to count on the mid-late April final season ending snow. Had just shy of 5” last year on April 21st.
  13. Up to 67 already at 10am. Sky clearing up nicely after that miserable looking morning. Maybe squeak in a storm of two here today? Looks like a chance around lunchtime and then again 5-6pm. Could go for a nice thunderstorm.
  14. Nice. Took a trip there back in 2008 had a blast. What destinations are you planning to visit?
  15. Thought this was an interesting graphic. Most of the deep interior NE actually ran a colder max low on this data set, with the exception of that little nub SE of Lake Ontario. Warmth pumping back up the Mohawk Valley?
  16. I don't believe in voodoo crap but this is all on you, no other explanation. Cuse is top dog every year, never see consecutive crappy winters, let alone multiple consecutive ultra crappy winters. The snow bust is purely on your shoulders. Just wonky...
  17. Thick cloud deck today is putting a damper on what could be a great day. Nice but I want my sun!
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