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  1. Think we will see some spotty downpours roll through later tonight as the cold front pushes through.
  2. HRRR was spot on with the WNY cell. Few miles north and 2 hours early but placement was spot on!
  3. 90+ second day in a row in Rochester. The sizzle is on!
  4. Already approaching 80 at 9am. Think the forecast will verify!
  5. I still can't get over this map... Legend runs 0-96" but I've got to separate 4 shades of blue for amounts under 3"?
  6. Always need to count on the mid-late April final season ending snow. Had just shy of 5” last year on April 21st.
  7. Up to 67 already at 10am. Sky clearing up nicely after that miserable looking morning. Maybe squeak in a storm of two here today? Looks like a chance around lunchtime and then again 5-6pm. Could go for a nice thunderstorm.
  8. Nice. Took a trip there back in 2008 had a blast. What destinations are you planning to visit?
  9. Thought this was an interesting graphic. Most of the deep interior NE actually ran a colder max low on this data set, with the exception of that little nub SE of Lake Ontario. Warmth pumping back up the Mohawk Valley?
  10. I don't believe in voodoo crap but this is all on you, no other explanation. Cuse is top dog every year, never see consecutive crappy winters, let alone multiple consecutive ultra crappy winters. The snow bust is purely on your shoulders. Just wonky...
  11. Thick cloud deck today is putting a damper on what could be a great day. Nice but I want my sun!
  12. Shit looks gross. Just can’t beat a Buffalo Pizza. Puffy sauce covered crust. Cup n char Ronis. And it’s an 18” cut into 12 uneven slices.
  13. Was hoping to hop on the home buying bandwagon mid last year but the prices took off just before I was in the financial position to upgrade. Not even worth looking right now as what I want is above my price range. Figure things have to level off here at some point. Might as well use another year to pay down some more debt and bank some additional down payment funds and hope the market is more stable then. Just crazy how fast these prices have gone up. Bought my house in 2010 for 90k (houses in my neighborhood are all almost identical and usually run close in price) At that time the average price range was running 85k-95k. Price increased slowly to a 115k-125k range in 2017/2018. Now post pandemic houses here still in decent shape or recently renovated can fetch 200k+ A quarter mil for a 3 bed 1 bath in South Buffalo. Come on…
  14. I’m on the gimme some of this weather train… Dudes stones are so big they kept him from being sucked up… the last 10 seconds are insane. Unless we’re getting a freakish foot plus storm I’m ready for some other weather types to enjoy. Had a long solid winter here, ready for the flip now.
  15. Brief window for some strong SW winds tomorrow afternoon. Storms might not be that organized but should see a good blast of stronger winds when that front plows through. HRRR at 1pm tomorrow.
  16. NWS website lags posting the updates and only posts the hourly detail. The temp map pulls directly from the metar feed. With the mixed precip around this morning the airport likely requested pulling additional updates more frequent than hourly for icing concerns. Speaking of the ASOS… it apparently has been damaged for an unknown period of time…
  17. God damn unreal. City was like the Wild West earlier. High speed chase from foot of ferry up the west side cut over the 198 to 33 down Bailey though the east side cut through K town all the way into West Seneca back up through South Buffalo until dude finally wrecked on Fillmore. Multiple suspects in car apparently fired hundreds of rounds while at high speeds out the window and ended up hitting 3 cops in pursuit. Amazing no one was killed.
  18. Perfect location right across the street. Just not a fan of only 60-62k seat idea. Will be interested to see what seats will be going for when it finally opens.
  19. Stinks it took them this deep into the season to get some rhythm and chemistry flowing. Lots of good young talent in the lurks really hope they can pull together a better start next season. It has been nice the games have been at least interesting to watch lately.
  20. Band kinda fell apart over me but had a nice burst for a bit.
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