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  1. Yup... if that was it for the day that was pretty lame. Radar actually looked decent right over me but nothing more than a few minutes of moderate rain and a couple rumbles of thunder...
  2. Per nighttime satellite imagery and available radars (BUF radar remains out of service until later today), looks like it will be quiet across most of the region to start the day.
  3. I was trying to get in the game back in January right when all the market “activity” was taking off only to find out NYS has all these BS regulation on crypto purchasing and after spending hours trying to figure a work around I just gave up. Was hot on trying to get DOGE back when it was 8/10ths of penny a coin. The exchanges all seem so confusing and I just go by the old moto... if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Sure some people are gonna make a fortune but more are gonna lose out.
  4. That last cell was nuts. Only a coat of slush on elevated surfaces but was ripping for about 15 mins...
  5. Yup. Getting darker here with rates picking back up. Know it won’t amount to anything but still interesting to see. A less wet snow coming down now, lots of pellets mixing in with drier flakes. Been watching Huron this morning with some good action, had a freight train of meso vorts spinning around a little while ago. Morning snow pack really took a beating but still holding on!
  6. Looks like some good snow in Rochester area. Is the ball park downtown?
  7. Up to 4.5” here at 1030. Had an hour of huge puff bombs but didn’t really add up to much. Lilacs are really starting to droop.
  8. Banding over the lake picking up some intensity as it drags eastward. Looks like we will keep snowing most of morning.
  9. 3-3.5” here. Still a light more grainy snow now. Probably for the best as looks like the right amount of snow to make everything look nice without any damage. Checking the radar from overnight looks like after the initial banding that pushed through after 1am the precip field really didn’t fill back in that great for a while and stayed more north and west of the city.
  10. Starting to accumulate on pavement here. At least an inch down on elevated surfaces already.
  11. Buffalo Metro is right in thay banding. Looks like we got our sharp cutoff line set on this view. What I’m seeing 6” ain’t out of the question tonight...