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  1. Doesn’t look like much but a little lake plume trying to develop behind the main feature.
  2. im just saying... we played the chiefs 2 out of our 4 post season super bowl runs. Allen Mahomes will be a battle through 2030 in the AFC.
  3. Those last two minutes were like a madden game set on arcade mode with rookie difficulty... I just still cant comprehend how we lost the game... 3 different times? just a dagger tonight... sucks the trip is over but at least we have a winning team to keep building around. Allen Mahomes is going to be like??? Kelly Marino? That was the top 8 QB rivalry from an NFLcom article, #1 was Brady and Manning... Allen Mahomes could challenge that this next decade!
  4. Can tell you’ve never been to a bills game… don’t worry they ain’t our cousins like down in tenny-c
  5. Heard a few analysts say this game could have been the super bowl match up as they were the only 2 real teams this year. KC will destroy Cinncy and whoever comes from the NFC.
  6. Watching the post game shows everyone is saying this was probably one of the best playoff games you will ever watch. Bills put up a hell of a fight. I know it’s cliche… but next year mafia!
  7. Seriously… My team just lost in a shoot out with the two best QBs in the league and I’m still just in shock what I watched. Your team got owned if a low score crap fest and your still being a salty b.
  8. They still got this… Just like wtf pull the trigger and end this game already… why they playing these silly play call games… need a TD here!!!!
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