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  1. BUF likes the LES window on Friday... A closed low will drop south across Ontario Friday and an associated surface low will move across the northern Great Lakes. Winds will back further and warm air advection aloft will produce snow showers across the region. As the closed low becomes an open wave Friday night, strong lift and lake enhancement will likely produce heavy lake effect snow downwind of the lakes. There is uncertainty as to where the best placement of these lake bands will be at this time but favorable conditions exist for possible advisory/warning criteria downwind of the lakes.
  2. BTV just blew up the metro and north towns Friday afternoon into Saturday morning!
  3. Check out the wind map. Weird how the south shore is still holding a due west wind while every where else has flipped NW. Looks like it's finally sinking South...
  4. Mike Sidel posted that from outside Pulaski. 2"/hr rates. Guess he's posting up there for the night and chasing it in the morning.
  5. Nice tidbit talking about the possible upcoming pattern.
  6. I dunno just not feeling tonight/tomorrow's event. Only feeling 3-5" for BUF and suburbs. Those with the LE should make out well. Two other things To watch... System Wednesday night is trending north and now we are on the fringe. Anymore north and we could get another nice sysnapotic storm. Last frame of the NAM pickups a small wave and fires up a band on Erie with a SW flow. Out there but maybe something to watch. These quick hitting 8-12 hour bands have been putting down some snow...
  7. Am I missing something that WNY has LES warnings while CNY has WS warnings?
  8. 8.7" here! Not crazy but I'll take it! 6.2" in 4 hours from 530-930. What did everyone else see around BUF today Wonder if anyone in Hamburg OP cracked 2 feet. Love nights like this... Cold Quite Desolte...
  9. Snow totally shut off last 30 minutes. Eyeballing 8" so far. Rich what are you at so far that OP Hamburg zone is still getting destroyed on radar...
  10. Just beautiful...
  11. Up to 5.5" at 8pm. 3" from 6-8. Getting close to 2"/hr rates now
  12. Long ways to go before the wind shift. Can see the artic front dropping south. Wonder if we will have an area wide squall line push that band to the south? Seems pretty moisture rich!
  13. Really pounding here now all of a sudden. Looks like that central area of convection is curving north...
  14. Heard that one!