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  1. Swing and a BIG miss for BUF on this one. Band is already back way south. Only an inch here. Not looking like it was that much better right on the northern southern Erie boarder. Just saw a live shot from Quaker crossing plaza... maybe 3-4” there? Not even close to the warning snowfall they were calling for. BW how you make out further south? Looked like you were in the band for quite a few hours?
  2. Starting to get a little action filling in back over the lake now. 0z starting to come in all south very sharp cutoff on the northern side. Can’t really get a read off the radar what to expect. Winds mid lake are backing all the way to SW...
  3. I’m beyond intrigued to see just how this thing sets up in the next couple hours. Nothing but a hot mess blob right now. The slight band that looked to be forming is just going to push onshore way north into Canada. This things got a lot of work to do next couple hours...
  4. Interesting forecast by KBUF for Erie County tonight/tomorrow. Would almost think they are going with good old fashion guessing. Only 2 models showing the band get that far north are RGEM which barely gets the 6” line to the city, and the ARW which is always too aggressive. Even the forecast by KBUF is a bit contradicting. The AFD says 3” or less in the metro but their map has the 8-12” line all the way up to downtown. Glancing through the local maps and not really seeing anyone showing anything even close to the KBUF map. They are the pros so let’s see!
  5. Northern Erie added to the warning... Transition Zone special for Lackawanna, South Buffalo, West Seneca! Northern Erie- Including the city of Buffalo 128 PM EST Mon Jan 18 2021 ...LAKE EFFECT SNOW WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 6 PM THIS EVENING TO 7 PM EST TUESDAY... * WHAT...Heavy lake effect snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 6 to 12 inches in the most persistent lake snows. * WHERE...Northern Erie county. The greatest snow amounts in northern portions of Erie county will occur from Lackawanna and Blasdell to West Seneca, Elma and Marilla and points southward.
  6. We going crazy in South Buffalo! Fireworks! People Screaming! You’d think it’s 9pm on the 4th of July...
  7. When the local met has to tweet out that he called the BUF office to see if they agreed it would snow Saturday night. Amateur hour...
  8. Yeah most of the snow for WNY on CAN is a lake effect event Monday into Tuesday. Only showing widespread inch with 2-4” on the hills for Saturday.
  9. NWS first take for the weekend. RGEM staying the course with a pretty intense band forming off Erie Saturday night putting down almost a foot in central Erie county. Probably overdone but still. Pretty important forecast period ahead!
  10. We’re looking to upgrade soon if possible. Just time to get out of the city. Even prices here are through the roof. I bought my house for 90k in 2010 and could probably get 170k for it now. Downfalls would be the taxes out in the burbs. Go from paying $100 a month to $400-$500 in just taxes is a big jump added onto a higher base mortgage payment with the upgrade. Housing market was always a value in WNY but I think it might be a bit over inflated right now.
  11. Mood Flakes... All we need is some mood flakes lol.
  12. 1200 players tested... 27 positives... 17 of those on the same team. Dallas trying to screw up the scheduling already...
  13. 7:30 update! We have a P type change! Freezing drizzle has change to freezing rain!