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  1. One heck of a sunset over the lake tonight...
  2. Yeah just saw a FB alert for snow covered roads in the south towns and saw that radar and traffic cam... Dang! Been coming down here all day at a good clip but nothing sticking. Ugh where’s spring already!
  3. Enough of this already! Had a little thunder when the last batch moved through...
  4. Pretty potent cells taking through the area. Pretty heavy snow and extremely reduced visibility on the 90 near the airport...
  5. Where were these fluff bombs in December... or January... or February... surprised as we are sitting at 36* to see such nice looking flakes falling. Figures marginal temps in April would give us daytime snow while marginal temps in January would give us nighttime mix!
  6. Nice time lapse...
  7. OMG!!! We actually have something weather wise to watch!!!
  8. Mortality rates being published are huge over statements. Testing is simply not available at this point to get an accurate picture of how wide spread this is. In Erie County they are now only testing those with the most severe symptoms, are at higher risk, or have had known contact with a positive person while they were contagious. Of course the mortality rate will be much higher if your only checking the sickest of the sick. I’m also somewhat skeptical of the test itself. As of yesterday Erie County had test result of 206 people with 28 positives and 178 negatives. Considering they are only testing those who are showing all 3 of the key symptoms having a positive test result rate of less than 14% is confusing. Are the tests faulty? Has the virus mutated into something else that is not detectable? Are the tests being wasted on VIPs that aren’t really sick in the first place? Could the other 86% just have an ordinary common cold or respiratory infection? All the unknowns are what makes this scary in my own opinion. It all goes back to the fact that if your in relatively good health you’ll survive this without much issue.
  9. If the virus is really this serious we should have already been placed under full lockdown. Every day they keep waiting we will continue to have uncontrolled community spread. Sure they are reacting but it’s too little too late now. The county health commissioner just said at this point people need to understand that any public place is more likely than not an active transmission site. Working the front lines at the grocery store I’ve already come to terms that I have probably been exposed and likely infected. It still bothers me that the government has not started restrictions in our stores to protect the workers, customers and honestly the food supply itself. Both Tops and Wegmans have implemented social distancing recommendations at the checkouts as well as round the clock cleaning procedures but it’s nothing more than an illusionary effect to make people feel like it’s safe. It’s not! With the massive crowds in every store right now even passing a person in an aisle would not allow for the 6’ rule. Can’t believe everything you read about this but I saw one report that says it can stay in the air for up to 3 hours and remain alive on cardboard surfaces for up to 4 days. Just mind boggling to think of just how many people could be infected by a single sick person inside a grocery store type setting. I saw in Italy weeks ago that the army was actually regulating grocery stores. If you had a fever or cough you were not allowed in. Based on the size of the store only so many were let inside at any one time to allow shoppers to stay distant enough. The workers were dressed in full PPE. Crazy to think it might come to this but if we want to get this over and done with it’s time for a full shutdown.
  10. But the grocery stores remained pack wall to wall again today...
  11. Not trying to be that conspiracy nut guy... but what’s up with all the chem trails over Buffalo this morning? I’ve never seen so many before...
  12. I’m still having trouble comprehending these past few days. It’s like we’re in a movie. We always get these scares and they go away but this time is so much different for some reason. It’s not stopping it just keeps getting crazier every hour. Cities and States are starting to close down everything except grocery stores and pharmacies. Make me nervous as we are going to turn into ground zero for transmission sites soon. In fact just saw LA is even closing down gyms! There is literally going to be no where to go!
  13. Local Wegmans stores are completely wiped out of almost every thing... .
  14. Low blow dude! We are on pace for an all time record sales week! This is bowling post snow ember shopping out of the water. I’ve worked in the store for 19 years NEVER seen anything like the last few days. This weekend is going to be a joke people have officially lost their minds. My staff thought I was nuts when I told them to order an entire trailer or TP last week... I might be one of the last stores in Buffalo with this stuff!