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  1. Buffalo moved record keeping from downtown out to the airport in 1943. Just love this book... .
  2. They kinda won it back in 1947-48. Albany 90.0” Buffalo 42.1” Rochester 75.5” Binghamton and Syracuse did not have official record keeping sites that were recognized by the NWS at the time however. .
  3. 18 GFS still holding onto that area of low pressure rapidly deepening as it cuts up through the lakes next week Tuesday into Wednesday. 12 Euro has a very similar but weaker low during the same time. Still a week out but the one thing the models have been good at hitting so far this year is the wind storms with this track so bears some close watching. SW winds gusting 60-70mph up the lake behind the trailing cold front with a lake effect band sinking south through the city. .
  4. Took a core sample off my board at 2pm today. 2.9” of snow melted down to 1.55” of liquid. Granted a lot of that was rain getting absorbed into the snow but still crazy. .
  5. Only 3-4” at Transit and French. Just flurries here now. Heavy snow with big fat flakes when I got off the 400. Southward we go! .
  6. Can barley see the 400 in West Seneca. Think I’m gonna go take a drive. .
  7. Just picked up 3/4” in the last hour here from that little burst. To just think if this had been all snow we would be talking 12-18” across the entire metro. .
  8. Few of the meso are trying to build that NW band tomorrow... BUF says otherwise... Lake effect snow will be ongoing southeast of both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario Thursday morning within a northwest flow as troughing remains over Ontario. Synoptic moisture will get stripped away through the day with lake snows diminishing during the late morning/early afternoon. .
  9. Hmm... back to all snow again here and it’s coming down at a pretty good clip. Fresh coating on the road again. .
  10. Looking at the traffic cams really sharp cutoff where the snow mix is hitting. 90 at the tolls looks mainly rain. 90 at Transit it’s snow at a good clip. It’s a full on down pouring rain here currently. .
  11. No way! That’s right in between me and dev. I had 2.2 he had 2.4. .
  12. 2.2” here at 8am. Seeing every p type possible in the last hour. Mainly light rain with some pellets mixed in but then we get a burst of some flakes then back to rain. Looks like it’s trying to organize better now... .
  13. Still gotta go check the stick but looking like 1.5”-2” of slop here. Watching the radar run from overnight looks like the miss was in the fact the band just never organized like every one of the models showed that it would. Few good pulses and flare ups but most of the night nothing was going on. .
  14. Waiting game time now to see where and when that band sets up... Another good update from BUF at 915. IR satellite imagery shows a break in this moisture, so expect snow off Lake Erie to temporarily taper off late this evening before a larger area of moisture arrives around midnight. The fact that snow with this initial round was fairly widespread helped provide the forecast confidence to expand the Winter Weather Advisory to include northern Erie county and the Buffalo metro area. It`s also worth noting that the 00Z Buffalo sounding confirmed model forecasts with the 850mb temperature -6C. This will be a wet snow, and snow amounts will vary by location. In terms of band location, a snow band will re-develop after midnight and focus roughly from downtown Buffalo to the airport through daybreak. A well defined band should be in place across the Buffalo metro by the morning rush hour. Roadways will be slick at many locations for the morning commute. .
  15. 7pm update from BUF... Now that’s how you word an AFD! Temperatures aloft will be marginally cold enough to support lake effect snow through Wednesday with H85 temps around -6C. The first of two shortwaves is entering the region this evening and this has provided enough moisture for a modest lake effect band to develop northeast of Lake Erie. This primarily started as snow, especially a few miles inland from Lake Erie and this helped provide the forecast confidence to expand the Winter Weather Advisory to include northern Erie county and the Buffalo metro area. This will be a wet snow, and snow amounts will vary by location. It is possible that snow will struggle to accumulate in downtown Buffalo, but will accumulate a several miles inland (along and inland of the I-190 and I-290 loop around downtown Buffalo. Expect up to 3 to 6 inches of snow accumulation in the most persistent snows through early Wednesday afternoon. In terms of band location, snow focused from downtown Buffalo to the airport early evening will meander north through late evening before settling slightly southward and back across the metro after midnight. This uses a consensus of model guidance but is adjusted slightly northward based on forecast winds and taking into account typically funnelling of winds by the Chautauqua ridge. .