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Central PA - Winter 2021/2022


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26 minutes ago, pawatch said:

Accidents on the interstates...no thanks.

Done it for 28 years career.

God Bless you!! Be safe!

We had 1.5” of just yuck...frozen mess. 

Would I love 6” of nice fluffy snow. This pattern is getting old.

Yeah, not a fan of it either. Head has to be on a swivel nonstop. And its getting worse. 

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1 hour ago, canderson said:

What is chow chow? And I don't think I've ever had a Martins potato chip actually ... 

Martins is the other name for Giant.  Giant's in Southern PA are named Martins.    You must not have a long history of going to fairs in PA.  Most have awards for the best chow chow.





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