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Upstate/Eastern New York-Pattern Change Vs Tughill Curse?

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28 minutes ago, rochesterdave said:

How did you post this? I posted the same thing above but it didn’t come across the same. I saved it as a video and posted it because using copy and paste didn’t seem to work 

The videos save as to big of a file, and i always have issue posting video directly here regardless of file size.  You need to save it as a gif and post it like an image.  No idea how it calculates the file size as a few times a 6 frame loop was over the 2MB limit but then other times I can do 12-14 frame loops no problem.  

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25 minutes ago, BuffaloWeather said:

So UK/ICON/GEM Vs GFS/EURO. Anyone taking left side?

The ICON made a hard left on 0z and is actually closest to the 12z Euro, but lighter accums. Def not in a UK/CMC camp.

I'd say the Euro/ICON are a decent middle of the road with the GFS a bit left and the UK a bit right. The CMC is on an island with its extreme SE solution. 


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