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  1. Yeah THIS is the the spring I know! Not sure who that imposter has been...
  2. So the 6z is wrong for the second half of the month...right?!
  3. Especially when it was 73 just 48 hours prior...
  4. Request to Wolfie!!! If you could do kindly paste the KBUF NWS text please! I believe it states it’s increasingly looking like winter weather headlines will be necessary for Wednesday night and Thursday...
  5. Sadly that’s 2 runs back to back with similar’s only 48 hours out
  6. The caveat to that is most will fall at night in the west which would be the perfect time. I can see a sloppy, grass covering inch or two just about everywhere
  7. Ok I have to point this out one last time this “winter” season. We have all witnessed different varying issues with models, GFS too fast, shows fantasy storms every 10 days that never happen, Euro was losing storms like it was the Bermuda Triangle...but this one MIGHT be the most confusing...the GFS has a damn love affair with the Syracuse area. Every storm, and this one is no different, it has a shit ton of snow for KSYR that never comes close to fruition...this one shows 22”!!! Lmao I wonder, and it’s a big task, if there’s a way to add up the virtual snow the GFS has forecast for Syracuse. If I were to take a guess it’s well over 300”. Any reason it has this bias?