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  1. Which I hope doesn’t translate to July 5 days in a row of 71, 69, 70, 70 and 71 with 4 of the 5 days rain
  2. TWC has 80’s for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week
  3. Isn’t is funny that suddenly KBUF and KSYR are now in the same ballpark as KROC and KART?
  4. I think it’s hilarious that ALL modeling has come in underdone and no one wants to fix it. It’s been snowing in Williamsville since 3 and ellicotville has about 3” otg yet somehow NO ADVISORY for the southern tier!
  5. So my question is, why Cleveland, at a lower level than KBUF is in the 5” range and NF dusting? Dynamics are there and timing is right with overnight precip.
  6. I tried to join but Captcha kept repeating and not letting me past that point. Tried four times…pretty sure I’m human…
  7. Looks like the 6z GFS wants to keep winter around periodically through months end…
  8. This. It’s the new norm. I’m certain there isn’t much forecast skill or true modeling this far out, but what other anomaly would it be? 10 months out of each year now are AN with 2 BN. On a side note, end of April does look cold (relatively speaking)
  9. Really I have to ask, I know the department of redundancy department, 2 degrees warmer just 60 miles away? From the FWIW department, the eastern end of Lake Erie is full of ice and 32 degrees…yet somehow…
  10. That’s not a “thanks” emoji that’s a championship emoji…GSB W
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