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Upstate/Eastern New York-Pattern Change Vs Tughill Curse?

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3 minutes ago, cny rider said:

We were going to go ski at Snow Ridge today.

Then I took the dog out at 0600 and walked on our residual glacier.

It feels like it could easily support a 500 pound man.

And there's no fresh on top.

Time for a good book!


Snowpack here, about 6", is glacier like. My Husky walks on it without leaving footprints.

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25 minutes ago, Syrmax said:

Are you not feeling well? Let me call Nurse Ratchet...

Lol... Western NY has had snow falling like almost every day the past month and a half. Here? Maybe 5 or 6 days? It's just been BORING and now we enter a cutter pattern with rain. BORING. Lake Ontario has been dead on the eastern end, as it has been for several Winters. The Synoptic pattern has blown as well, and it stings when we're right on the edge.  Something needs to change, and it's not happening this year. Bring on the warm seasons so we can try yet again next year.

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27 minutes ago, tim123 said:

Been getting hammered on in walworth since 630 am. Probally 3 inches since then. 


22 minutes ago, tim123 said:

Definitely a meso low over ne monroe county per satalite. First vis of day. Actually counted 3 one over orleans one over monroe and a real spinner over wayne county

There's something about your posting style that makes it hard to root for you. :lol:

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34 minutes ago, Syrmax said:

Are you not feeling well? Let me call Nurse Ratchet...

Oh, and checking 12Z runs, models have now taken away what was looking like some WNW flow snows for us and it turned it to NW and W. I am just done. We can't win.

I have been challenged this week on not having any expectations from things because it will often lead to disappointment, so I need to start working on that...and be pleasantly surprised and/or thankful when something does happen.

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Washed the cars last night (as it was dropping below freezing which made it fun).  The thought was that we would have Sunday through Wednesday to stay nice and clean with cold temps and dry conditions.  Instead, it has been snowing all morning and the wife has to drive into town to bring our daughter to a bday party.  The one time I don’t want it to snow….

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