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  1. Just measured 3.5 inches most of which fell in the last hour. This was an unexpected surprise. It looks like the band is moving northward and it's lightening up right now. All this will be a memory in the next 24-48 hours.
  2. I think it's snowing as hard right now as it has all winter.
  3. Snowing heavily right now. It might not last long but it's nice to have it feel and look like winter again!
  4. Getting some heavier snow showers moving through this morning, at least the ground is white. Too bad it's going to get vaporized when the late February sun comes out.
  5. I've had several bursts of heavy rain move through and a loud clap of thunder about 2 minutes ago. The temperature has dropped from 63 at 12:15 to 49 at 1:00.
  6. Oneida Lake is exerting it's effect, although a lot more localized than Lake Ontario. When I woke up at 6 my thermometer read 58. Over the next couple hours the temperature dropped to 52, probably because winds died down and allowed the cold air over the lake to spread out. I'm about a quarter of a mile from the lake.
  7. I was in Utica earlier this afternoon. The temperature on my car thermometer was around 70 in Utica but started climbing as I drove west. The max I saw was 78 between exit 34 and 34A. As I drove up 481 then 81 towards Brewerton the temperature slowly dropped until it hit 62 as I approached exit 31 on 81. Coming off the ramp the thermometer literally crashed 6 degrees to 56. By the time I got to my house which is near Oneida Shores Park the temperature on my home thermometer reads 52. It's amazing how much colder the air coming off Oneida Lake is. We are always colder this time of the year in our little micro climate.
  8. If we get one of these storms to move just south of us in the next two weeks you'll be excited.
  9. There's a chart at the top of this page that I think contains the information you're looking for.
  10. Saturday should be interesting with morning temperatures near or in the 60s and afternoon cold frontal passage possibly accompanied by a squall line with thunder. By Sunday morning snow will be in the air.
  11. It's amazing that Syracuse is 10 inches above it's seasonal average at this point despite enduring the least snowiest January on record (8.4 inches). I think the consensus on this board is that this has been a disappointing winter. I think this is because whenever we start to build up a snowpack we have another warmup that wipes it out and we have to start over again. But with the extended model period showing numerous storms after the end of next week, there is a good chance of KSYR at least reaching it's seasonal average for snowfall (123.7). If you look at the snowfall graph the Post Standard publishes in every issue, this season is right at the same point the snowiest season on record was at. Of course that was the '92-'93 season that featured the greatest storm most of us have ever witnessed in March and one of the snowiest Aprils ever to bring the seasonal snowfall to 192.1. We probably are not going to come close to that but the there is the potential for some excitement before the first pitch is thrown out by the Chiefs in April.
  12. I'm up to about 2.5 inches since last night and still snowing, sometimes moderately. This event was not lake effect. I think it was caused by moisture from the coastal storm rotating around the upper low over northern New York. This was enhanced at times by short waves rotating around the aforementioned upper low. The trajectory of the snow has been almost from the due north without any time over the lake.
  13. We're rooting for Carol Yerdon to break her record, only a little over 100 inches to go.
  14. So much negativity around here, lol.
  15. I don't think you're in the heart of it yet.