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  1. Those are the same tires I have on my Cruze. It’s a little tank in the snow!
  2. The snow started at 7 AM here and ended about 2:30 so 7.5 hours of snowfall. I got about 2 inches of wet snow here.
  3. About an inch here so far but it’s a very wet almost springlike snow. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ratio is 10:1 or less. Still snowing, 33 degrees.
  4. Until 1950 weather observations for Syracuse were taken downtown. After 1950 observations were moved to Hancock Intl. Airport which is about 10 miles north of the city. More snow generally falls north of downtown so most of Syracuse’s record are post 1950.
  5. Latest KBUF metar: KBUF 051802Z 27018G24KT 3SM -SN FEW012 BKN026 OVC037 01/M04 A2988 RMK AO2 P0000 T00061039 $
  6. Have a pretty good burst of snow moving through here right now. Huge flake size.
  7. alid Until 12:00pm, Thu, December 5 The national weather service in binghamton has issued a Snow squall warning for west central madison county in central new york, north central cortland county in central new york, southern onondaga county in central new york, Until noon est. At 1123 am est, a dangerous snow squall was located along a line extending from near watervale to la fayette to near kelloggsville. Hazard, extremely poor visibility in heavy snow. Source, radar indicated. Impact, dangerous life-threatening travel. Locations impacted include, syracuse, pompey, manlius, cazenovia, otisco, nelson, tully, fabius, watervale and la fayette. This includes the following highway exits, new york interstate 81 between 14 and 15, and near 16. Precautionary/preparedness actions, reduce your speed and turn on headlights! during snow squalls, the visibility may suddenly drop to near zero in whiteout conditions.
  8. Does anybody really expect Albany to win this? Remember the Washington Nationals started out slow too.
  9. Jim Teske on Channel 9 reported someone measured 15 inches at Brewerton. I don’t know where they’re located because I measured a total of 9 inches and I don’t think that 15 inches falls in line with any of the other reports in the area. There were some 10 inch reports on CoCoRaHS in Onondaga and Oswego counties but nothing approaching 15 inches.
  10. Snow has picked up here as the moisture moves in from the east. Unfortunately the temperature is in the mid 30s.
  11. We’ve got a pretty good area of moisture moving in from the east on radar of it can survive the rest of the trip. Another 0.6 inches of snow this morning puts me just about at 9 inches for the storm. I’ve given up on making a foot but 10 inches is a nice round number.
  12. 8.3 inches of snow and 1.16 inches of LE for the 24 hours ending at 7 AM gives a ratio of 7.16:1.
  13. Did you forget where Rodgers plays most of his games? Yesterday was a day at the beach for him, lol.
  14. 4.7 inches overnight to go with 3.6 yesterday brings me to 8.3 for the storm and it’s still snowing moderately.