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  1. We’ve got a mixture of rain and snow here in Brewerton. Surfaces are getting covered with a slushy accumulation. The temperature has fallen all evening and currently stands at 33.
  2. And I wonder how many left with Covid-19 and brought it home to their families?
  3. It looks like Trump is,finally recognizing the inevitable.
  4. I need to correct you because you obviously don’t know how the NYS Pension System is funded. I am a retired state employee having been an engineer for the NYSDOT for 37 years. Our pensions do not come out of the general state budget. The pension fund is a separate fund mandated in the state constitution. It is managed by the state comptroller and as of the latest report had a value of $226 billion. It is the third largest public pension fund in the US and is consistently in the top 3 or 4 well funded plans. Our pensions were won through collective bargaining. As a whole state employees are not paid as well as their private sector counterparts. Our pensions even the playing field after we retire. And if you are vested in the system you can collect a pension when you retire but to maximize benefits you need 30 years, not 20 as you stated and be at least 55. So don’t blame the pension system for state budget deficits.
  5. I am biting my tongue right now over your callousness. 250K is a drop in the bucket? What’s the matter with you man? Just think of the families of all these people. And your statement that lives being lost are out of the workforce (in other words worthless) and riddled with comorbidities (a burden on society) is straight out of 1930s Germany. I will be 66 next Tuesday and I’ve had bypass surgery, Type 2 diabetes and I’m scared shitless of this virus. I pray that when you’re older you will not be in a situation like this.
  6. 250,000 dead people aren’t going to come back to life either. How many more people do we need to lose before the vaccine is administered widely enough to make a difference. I think if you were 30 years older your attitude would be different.
  7. 2.4 inches here as of 9:00. The temperature has been in the lower 20s but now sits at 25. It’s been snowing all morning but it seems to have let up in the last few minutes.
  8. Perceived fraud. Meanwhile, 1100 people a day are losing their lives to Covid-19 and he is completely checked out. Not even a tweet.
  9. And where has he been since the election? It looks like he’s completely checked out at a time where the country needs leadership.
  10. It’s snowing huge flakes here right now but at 35 nothing’s sticking.
  11. Amen! I’ve been tempted to post the same thing. Our parents and grandparents suffered immensely more during both WW2 and the Great Depression. They would laugh at anyone who would say wearing a mask to save lives is an overwhelming sacrifice.
  12. The squall line is about to plow through the Sunday Night Football game in Foxborough. It’s been pouring there most of the second half. Edit: The game just ended in R+. Pats held on 23-17.
  13. Shouldn’t lightning come before the thunder?
  14. I heard on TV today that the recount is almost done in Fulton County (Atlanta). The rest of the recounts need to be completed tomorrow. I think the Secretary of State in GA ordered the recount to squash any doubts about the outcome in the state.
  15. December will be here in basically two weeks. Are they magically going to come up with the logistical plans to inoculate 20 million people in that time frame? They’ve had 8 months to come up with a federal testing program and we’re still waiting. Let me make a wild guess, Florida will be the first state to receive the vaccine.