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  1. That was insane, they must have been getting 6 inches per hour for a while.
  2. We had to take our dog to the emergency vet this morning (fortunately it’s nothing major). When we left Brewerton about 8 no snow was falling. Coming home just after 10 we ran into a wall of snow just past Cicero on 81. The last 2 miles the road was snow covered and pretty treacherous. Got home and took a measurement and 2 3/4 inches had fallen in about 2 hours. The snow has tapered off for now as the lake band sinks south. We’ll have to see where the multi band lake effect sets up later.
  3. Just measured another 1.1 inches since the 4.8 at 6:30 which leaves me just under 6 inches for the storm so far. My temperature is at 28 so still hanging on below freezing.
  4. I had 4.8 at 6:30 so we’re pretty close. Looks like a break moving in from the southwest but there’s pretty robust echoes out in western New York so we might not be finished for the evening.
  5. Here’s the satellite depiction of that storm yesterday. It’s amazing how fast they bomb out.
  6. I retired after 37 years with the state DOT as an engineer. I probably could have made more in private industry but they’re making it up now with my pension. Of course I was in Tier 3 and people being hired now are in Tier 6 with reduced benefits. Also I have good health insurance. 7 years ago I had triple bypass surgery and paid very little out of pocket.
  7. Snowing heavily here although the flake size is pretty small. Been stuck on 17 degrees for hours .
  8. No, just wondering why you’re even thinking about busting before the storm even starts. There’s a lot of negativity on this board.
  9. Why are you complaining about this storm busting when it hasn’t even started?
  10. I noticed you put yourself in the 24-36 area and me in the T-1.
  11. One piece of good news is that Cleveland is currently reporting snow. They had a brief period of ZR but went back to snow quickly. Have to watch Erie to see if the same scenario plays out there too.
  12. I just came in from taking the dogs out and was surprised how much snow fell since I brought my wife home 2 hours ago. We must have gotten 2 inches in those 2 hours. Radar is showing signs of the snow decreasing in intensity.
  13. Snowing heavily. The temperature has finally fallen to 30 so it’s starting to accumulate nicely.