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  1. Conditions were absolutely perfect just south of Bowling Green. Just a few thin cirrus that did absolutely nothing to impede viewing. That was the fastest 1 minute 50 seconds in my life. What an amazing sight with a black disk where the sun should be surrounded by the wispy filaments of the corona. Off to the right Venus shone brightly in the middle of the day! A flock of birds swooped overhead as if heading for their nightly roost. I can't wait until 2024 when totality will pass right over my house.
  2. My wife and I are flying from Syracuse to Louisville tomorrow then driving to Bowling Green where I've had a hotel room reserved since last September. My plan for eclipse day is to drive the 20 miles south to Franklin, KY where totality lasts 2 minutes 25 sec. Worst case scenario if traffic is a nightmare is to stay at the hotel where totality is 1:15. If I can make it just 9 miles south it increases to 1:45.
  3. Tomorrow's April 1, the normal high is 50. Winter is dead, any snow we get now won't last half a day. It's time to move on to spring and warm weather - I'm looking forward to working on outside projects. In only about 6 months and we can start looking forward to next winter! P.S. A sure sign of spring - this is opening weekend for Major League Baseball.
  4. Temperatures have been dropping all afternoon currently down to 16, pretty low for what's basically the Ides of March.
  5. SU vs NC Greensboro NIT basketball game at the dome tonight postponed until tomorrow night.
  6. Heavier bands about to move into Syracuse metro from the southeast.
  7. Picking up here right now. About 2 inches so far.
  8. The one good thing about this storm is that for the first time in a long time there's no mention of taint anytime or anywhere in central/ western New York. The bad side is it is mid-March so the shelf life of the snow will be limited.
  9. Hit this one. Had 2 degrees at my house this morning with reports of 0 and below in the area. After a warmup back into the 50s we cool down and a couple of systems pass just to our south next weekend. The trouble is this time of year 850s of 0 to -5 doesn't insure snow at the surface with insolation warming the boundary layer. From here on out we have to enjoy any system in the present as any snow accumulation is going to get blown away as soon as the sun comes out.
  10. That was a wild 10 minutes as the arctic front passed through. Visibility was about 300 feet for 5 minutes.
  11. I hope all the animals that migrated north early are able to survive until spring weather moves in for good. Friday night and Saturday look brutal.
  12. The 12Z GFS is forecasting 850 temperatures down to -30 C over northern NY on Friday night. Could we be looking at temperatures down to 0? What a crazy weather pattern. This shot of frigid are is followed by another storm passing to our west and temperatures back up to 60 or higher.
  13. Just measured 3.5 inches most of which fell in the last hour. This was an unexpected surprise. It looks like the band is moving northward and it's lightening up right now. All this will be a memory in the next 24-48 hours.
  14. I think it's snowing as hard right now as it has all winter.
  15. Snowing heavily right now. It might not last long but it's nice to have it feel and look like winter again!