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  1. Syracuse picked up another 1.9 inches after 5 PM so their seasonal total is at 68.8 inches. I picked up 2.8 inches yesterday so my seasonal total is at 79.4 inches.
  2. Par for the course around here. It will still feel like early spring in mid May then suddenly it’s 90.
  3. I love seeing snow falling but knowing it’s going to be almost 60 on Wednesday takes some of the luster off it.
  4. Snowing pretty hard right now with big flakes. Bare ground is starting to get covered.
  5. That seems to be a prime time period for major snowstorms around here. 2017 we had 2 feet on March 14-15.
  6. Some rejuvenation of the lake effect off Ontario. There’s a few flakes in the air here.
  7. Pounding here right now. Unfortunately it only seems to last about 5 minutes.
  8. Snow picked up briefly here but not really doing much right now. With this wind it’s going to be impossible to get a measurement.
  9. Welcome to meteorological spring. Snow pack definitely took a hit overnight as temperatures rose to low 40s and the dew point wasn’t far behind. Looks like this is the beginning of the end of winter. Let’s just hope we have warm dry weather to dry out my backyard. My dog is starting to bring in mud again after going out this morning.
  10. Never really made it past 40 today, sitting at 36 right now.
  11. I still have a solid snowpack except I’m starting to see some bare spots where there’s drainage and also under trees where the snow depth was less and the warmth from the tree trunk absorbing solar radiation warms the air.
  12. It looks like Quebec City got a good amount of snow today and it’s still snowing there.
  13. I got my second shot of Pfizer vaccine yesterday afternoon and I haven’t experienced any side effects coming up on 22 hours (knock on wood). I just read that younger people experience more severe side effects because their immune systems have a much more robust response to the vaccine.