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  1. My wife is from NE Connecticut. Looks like they could get a foot and a half along with strong winds.
  2. I’m hoping to eventually get back into that heavier stuff near Granby.
  3. Flake size is good here. There’s a “notch” in the band that shows pass over me so I see a break coming. But the band seem to be well oriented west of there so I should get back into it.
  4. Looks like you might get into it at least briefly. How far north of Baldwinsville are you?
  5. We’ll I’m into it right now. As long as I can get a couple of hours of decent rates maybe I can add an inch or two to my totals.
  6. I’m finally into the snow band. Coming down heavily right now but rates looks to be variable. The heaviest snow is around Central Square right now.
  7. 1.4 inches last night brings me up to 41.3 since November 1. About to get into that snow band so I should be adding at least a little to that amount. 22.8 inches so far in January.
  8. It’s edging south. I should be in it in the next half hour as should Matt and Syrmax.
  9. I’m more interested in that trailing band coming off the lake. It looks like it’s over Oswego now but there’s some indication it could move south.
  10. The furthest west the GFS makes it with significant snow is Rhode Island.
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