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  1. Is that for the lake effect later or for the entire event? Looking at the CoCoRaHS observations from this morning it appears that the city only got about 2 inches overnight. Definitely a drop off as you head south.
  2. It's still snowing here.
  3. 0.35 inch of LE in the 5.0 inches of snow I measured earlier. That's a ratio of about 14:1.
  4. I just measured 5.0 inches at 7:45 with moderate snow still falling. The wind shift is approaching the western end of Lake Ontario as Lake Huron is already starting to produce lake effect.
  5. Should be snow on the ground at the Meadowlands for the Cowboys/Giants game on channel 8 at the same time.
  6. It's listed on my Spectrum guide as being on channel 5 at 1.
  7. Getting a few flakes right now off of Lake Erie. There's a disturbance over Lake Ontario pushing the band to the south. It might be snowing in Mexico after all.
  8. The band is over Mexico right now but is moving northward at a good clip. Looks like it might not be snowing when you get there but at least there will be fresh snow on the ground.
  9. It looks like the band will be setting up between Central Square ad Parish, at least initially so you will be driving through it. Are you going to Granger's and cutting your own? Should be fun in the snow and the right mood for Christmas!
  10. Just made it into the squall. It's snowing nicely right now but it won't last for long. The band setting up behind this looks like it will be north of here.
  11. I might just get clipped by the southern edge of this squall coming off Lake Ontario. It's going to be close!!
  12. Finally snowing here. Intensity has picked up and flake size is good and I'm starting to get a coating on the grass and my deck. Temperature has fallen to 32.
  13. That same batch of precipitation is moving through northern New York right now. Winter Weather Advisories are up for Oswego County.
  14. Ya pretty cool watching Shania Twian performing at halftime in the snow!
  15. Sounds like a good day to put up the Christmas lights! And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!