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  1. I’m not that far from you and I measured 0.58 inch since 7 AM and .06 overnight. Skies have cleared in the last half hour and it turned into a nice evening.
  2. Syracuse has tied it‘s record long streak of days with highs 80 or above at 43. It looks like there shouldn’t be a problem breaking it over the next couple of days.
  3. It’s 37 degrees in Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska this morning. This is with the sun above the horizon for 24 hours. It will finally dip below the horizon next week.
  4. The summit of Whiteface is roughly at the 850 mb level. 850 temperatures at the end of next week look to be 10-12 C so low 50s F.
  5. Cuomo just announced that any colleges that play sports this fall will do so without fans in the stands.
  6. I measured 1.29 inches this morning. I’m pushing 6 inches over the last week and a half.
  7. I’ve been in my house for 25 years and when there’s a normal amount of rain the sump pump runs continuously. I’ve had probably 5 or 6 floods in my basement, most were not caused by pump failure but by defective switches in the float. After the last flood 3 years ago that left 4-5 inches of water we decided enough was enough and installed a backup pump that runs off of our municipal water supply. The only time we had to use it is when our primary pump failed and it took almost a day to replace. The backup did a good job keeping our basement dry.
  9. The sun is getting lower in the sky every day above the arctic circle but a place like Barrow, AK still has 24 hours of sunlight. By August 1 the sun finally dips below the horizon for a half an hour. The lengthening of night is amazing, by the end of August, Barrow has 4 hours of the sun below the horizon. On September 24 day and night are equal and the buildup of cold air should be starting.
  10. I couldn’t believe how much rain was in my gauge this morning. I measured 4.07 inches which together with the 0.60 I measured yesterday morning gives me almost 5 inches over the last 36 hours.
  11. The I81 corridor is going to be close to the western edge of the precipitation field associated with TS Fay tonight. I hope we can get some decent rain (0.5-1.0 inch) out of this as lawns have turned a crispy brown this week.
  12. Comets are actually dirty snowballs comprised of rocky material held together by frozen gases. As a comet approaches the sun and warms the frozen gases begin to sublimate and give a comet’s coma it’s fuzzy appearance. As they get even closer the amount of gases increases and a tail forms and gets blown off the coma by the solar wind. As they approach perihelion many get destroyed by solar warmth and gravitational pull. That happened this year with Comet Atlas and Comet Swan. Most comets originate in the Oort belt which is outside the orbit of Pluto. Once they make their initial trip to the inner solar system, if they survive, they go into elongated long period orbits. The remains of destroyed comets are the source of several meteor showers.
  13. That’s not bad considering your Rube Goldberg setup, lol!
  14. What time did you take these pictures? I went out around 4:30 and couldn’t find the comet but it may have already been too bright. I assume that is Venus to the right, which I saw. Venus is right in the middle of the Hyades, an open cluster of stars in Taurus. The Pleiades are right above it.
  15. Syracuse has hit 100 I believe 3 times.