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  1. Do you get a flu shot every year? This may turn into an annual flu type shot based on the variants circulating at the time.
  2. No surprise but a booster shot may be necessary next year.
  3. The rain didn’t move in here until about 2:30 this afternoon. Since the it’s been mostly off and on light rain, probably about a tenth of an inch. I got a bike ride in late morning, the eighth time I’ve been out already this spring which is unheard of for me.
  4. Happy Easter! I was out cooking steaks and burgers when it was 20 degrees and snowing in February. Grilling steaks later for Easter dinner.
  5. They are the ones that will be out in the bars.
  6. 0.2 inch on my deck, next to nothing on the grass. The ultimate April Fools joke on us. I hope this is it for snow this season. Today is opening day for all MLB teams!
  7. It’s near 70 in Albany ahead of the front while it’s around 40 in Buffalo.
  8. A local met (Peter Hall) just posted this picture on Facebook. He described it as being taken near Rochester at 8:45 this morning. Anybody on here have any reports of severe weather? An update a couple minutes ago said this storm was moving along the Lake Ontario shoreline in Wayne County. Edit: Update from NWS Buffalo: Peter Hall CNYCentral OFFICIAL WORD from US National Weather Service Buffalo NY : "We suspect this is the outflow and shelf cloud of the storm interacting with the cold marine layer over the lake. It does not appear to be a waterspout." Like ·
  9. March 23 last year. Looks to be about 6-8 inches.
  10. Frozen Oneida Lake yesterday at the boat launch at Oneida Shores Park. The ice is getting pretty rotten although most of the lake is still covered.
  11. Who really wants snow now? It’s futile to get a few inches at the end of March since it melts in less time than it took to fall. After the last few days I’m ready for nice weather to stay. I got out on my bike the last two days, that’s the earliest I can remember.
  12. Opening day is in 2 weeks. Bring on the warmth! Besides last Sunday it snowed very hard for 15 minutes and covered the ground. Then the sun came out and it all melted in 15 minutes. That’s why unless we can get a Denver type storm I’m done with snow.
  13. We had a pretty good squall come through here about 11:30 that lasted about 15 minutes and quickly whitened the ground. 15 minutes after it stopped it was like it never even happened.
  14. You’re definitely optimistic thinking the Bills are going to have a full stadium this year. Syracuse University finally was able to allow a certain number of students into sporting events in the Carrier Dome. In order to get in you must have a negative Covid test within 24 hours of the event then take another rapid test when entering. These restrictions are not going away by next fall. The wild card in our return to normalcy is the emergent variants in unvaccinated countries that evade our current vaccines. If we can somehow evade those we will return to normalcy sooner. If not then all bets are off. I think you won’t see more than 25,000 at Bills games this year.
  15. I’m glad you’re optimistic, I think we’ve got a long way to go.
  16. I didn’t get above 37 today so welcome to CNY spring.
  17. Syracuse picked up another 1.9 inches after 5 PM so their seasonal total is at 68.8 inches. I picked up 2.8 inches yesterday so my seasonal total is at 79.4 inches.
  18. Par for the course around here. It will still feel like early spring in mid May then suddenly it’s 90.
  19. I love seeing snow falling but knowing it’s going to be almost 60 on Wednesday takes some of the luster off it.
  20. Snowing pretty hard right now with big flakes. Bare ground is starting to get covered.
  21. That seems to be a prime time period for major snowstorms around here. 2017 we had 2 feet on March 14-15.
  22. Some rejuvenation of the lake effect off Ontario. There’s a few flakes in the air here.